“Hold down on the Weather until it gets jiggly.”

In light of the recent winter storm warning in our area… March coming in like a lion, as they say…You may be in the market for a weather app to alert you to pending extreme circumstances. A lot of the free weather apps have ads, so here’s what I suggest:

if_weather-severe-alert_118963Try more than one app to find what suits your logic: weather.com has one, NOAA, AccuWeather, WeatherUnderground, etc. Once you have one that’s easy enough to use (ads aside), suffer through the ads for a few days, then opt in to buying the “premium” version. It’s probably only a dollar or two, and you’ll have that much or more in peace of mind and reduced hassle of ads. Worst case, you keep it with the ads and you watch for the x to close or “ad” indications as well as the pending weather.

About the title: technology help makes you say funny things: “Hold down on the Weather until it gets jiggly.” This I found myself saying while working with one of my regular one-on-one patrons. He had just figured out how to make a folder for his apps by holding down until they jiggle and dragging one on top of the other. The trouble was that he couldn’t get his weather app out of the folder again. But with a little “drag our of the gray box” thinking, we got the weather app separated out once again. Most things you can do to customize your device can also be undone, but it can be a puzzle. Do you know what type of phone this one-on-one patron has just by my description?

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