Learning at the Speed of Change

if_running_man_296209-e1516978899665.pngThe intersection of technology and tradition is really interesting to me. Traditionally, we are a people often willing to help out, often renewed in enthusiasm by working with others for others, but not always enticed by the opportunities to contribute. Technology affords us a new vantage point on who needs our help, where they need it, and what kind of help. Helping isn’t just self-less in my opinion because of personal boons, I think. It’s a method for learning that puts you in the position to learn at the speed of change.

LinkedIn releases a daily rundown of the news with an idea at the end. Recently, this “learning at the speed of change” was there…

Idea of the Day: “Technology is changing too fast for you to rely solely on traditional learning methods,” says Ralph de la Vega, head of De La Vega Group and former AT&T chairman. Learning needs to happen at “the speed of change,” and be largely self-directed, to keep up with the pace of transformation in today’s work world.

– LinkedIn <https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/government-shutdown-goes-work-week-amazon-cashierless-rundown/&gt;



Checkout these opportunities to learn what is changing, but also get a feel for changing with it, and maybe even affect change:



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