Modern Self-Driving World?


Whenever I see talk of the latest electric self-driving vehicle endeavors, then I think of a song, actually. It’s pretty much only because of the chorus:


“This ain’t the modern world that I remember
The one they promised all us boys and girls
This ain’t the vision that the artist rendered
What happened to my modern world?”

-“Modern World” by David Wilcox, singer/songwriter/storyteller

Nonetheless, I’m in awe of where we are. Awe begets inquiry, and inquiry is my industry. Usually inquiry in the library biz is about getting the job done. For example, you need a quick DIY fix for your frozen pipes or hairstyle or back pain or income tax (no we don’t have forms at this time, writing this post, but give us a call and we’ll update you). The library biz is also about what just blazed through the sky–is it a bird, a plane, a falling star, or Superman?! It’s a wondering how we exist, what is the smallest known thing and the largest known thing? Inquiry is diverse.

Anyway, if you’re interested in considering what our modern world may be looking like soon enough, then here are some articles I found on the internet, or as Google Assistant or Siri might sat…“Here’s what I found,” “This came back from search,” “Here’s a result from the web:”

Self-Driving Tests in NYC by GM: <;

Designing Streets of the Future: <;

How Autonomous Vehicles “See:” <;

How Virtual Reality Glasses Work: <;

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