Non-Fiction DVD Recommendations 12 15 2017

Here are our three recommended non-fiction DVDs for this week!

(Click on the photos to request the DVDs)

Older & Much Wiser Workout For Active Older Adults:

Description: The Older and Much Wiser Workout with Sue Grant is a gentle and safe workout that is perfect for beginners or those that have not been exercising regularly. All of the exercises are done either standing or sitting on a chair with no lying down on the floor. This fun, well rounded workout includes the four vital components of fitness:

– Easy-to-follow Low Impact Aerobics

– Gentle Stretching Training

– Balance & Gaze Stabilization Training

– Relaxing Cool Down & Stretch

You may mix and match these different sections depending on how much time you have and how you are feeling each day. In addition, you will see three different levels for each exercise, so you will be able to customize this workout to meet your particular needs. You will love the upbeat encouragement and helpful cues, and you will be amazed at how quickly you progress. Equipment Needed: sturdy chair with no arms, resistance band

Sue Grant is a certified Master Instructor for FallProof, the internationally recognized Balance and Mobility training program, and is also certified by the American Council on Exercise and the Arthritis Foundation. In addition she is proud to be a Fellow of Applied Functional Science with a Certificate in Fitness Instruction and Exercise Science from UC San Diego, specializing in both Personal Training and Group Fitness Instruction. She is a certified Older Adult Fitness Specialist. Most importantly, Sue’s lifelong love for fitness is contagious – she is passionate about helping Older Adults stay fit and active at any age!

Dewey Decimal Number: DVD 613.7045 OLD


Hollywood Rhythm The Best of Jazz & Blues: Paramount Musical Shorts, Volume 1:

Description: Musical shorts, produced to merely fill out the film program, have in many cases acquired more value than the features they once supported. Filmed at the Paramount Studios in Astoria, Queens, these films offer unparalleled opportunities to see and hear great artists in action, and sometimes present surprisingly gutsy subject matter via truly innovative film technique. In A Rhapsody In Black And Blue, Louis Armstrong dons outlandish leopard-skin attire to stand knee-deep in soap bubbles, where he trumpets and sings “I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead You Rascal You.” In Hi-De-Ho, Cab Calloway demonstrates just what scat is all about, with the assistance of a bevy of Cotton Club fan dancers. The legendary “Empress of the Blues,” Bessie Smith, stars in her only film, the once-notorious musical drama St. Louis Blues. Teenaged Billie Holiday performs in Symphony In Black, perhaps the greatest of Duke Ellington’s shorts. Another Ellington piece, A Bundle Of Blues, spotlights his favorite band singer, Ivie Anderson (performing “Stormy Weather”), while Black And Tan Fantasy features the Ellington orchestra imparting a bluesy mood to a surprisingly downbeat tale featuring actress-dancer Fredi Washington (Imitation of Life). Meanwhile, George Dewey Washington’s powerful baritone transcends some stereotypical situations in Ol’ King Cotton. Also appearing on this DVD — definitely in a lighter vein — are bandleader Vince Lopez (who conducts a bouncy “St. Louis Blues” in Those Blues), composer Hoagy Carmichael (performing “Stardust” with the Jack Teagarden Orchestra) and Fats Waller, who growls a definitive Ain’t Misbehavin’.

Dewey Decimal Number: DVD 781.65 BEST


Symphony in Black by Duck Ellington and his Orchestra with Billie Holiday (Note Billie starts singing around 4:30 seconds into the clip):


The Impressionists The Other French Revolution (Narrated by Edward Herrmann):

Description: This epic documentary does a wonderful job of recapturing the revolutionary impact the impressionists made while providing a historical and artistic context for this extraordinary group of painters. The work of Monet, Degas, Morisot, and their fellow impressionists has now become so familiar that its power to shock has all but disappeared.

Young and resolutely modern, these artists threw off the shackles of academic art to capture everyday life in paintings that were iconoclastic in both style and subject. At first they struggled to survive because their work was rejected by the conservative Paris Salon, but those with independent means helped those without (Monet in particular was frequently rescued from poverty by his friends), and gradually they became impossible to ignore. Bruce Alfred’s script thoroughly explains the development of the impressionists’ approach to art and reveals fascinating aspects of their individual personalities, while a combination of dramatic reconstructions, period photographs, and the paintings themselves creates a rich and informative visual tapestry. Anyone with an interest in the history of art will find much to enjoy. –Simon Leake, Amazon Review.

Dewey Decimal Number: DVD 759.4 IMP 1 & DVD 759.4 IMP 1 2 (This is a two disc set)


Have a great weekend and don’t forget the library is open on Saturdays from  10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.!

Linda, SSCL

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