Non-Fiction DVD Recommendations 10 12 17

Hi everyone, here are our recommended non-fiction DVDs for this week!

(Click on the photos to request the DVDs)

Great Cars American Classics:

Description: Remember your first car? No, no not the one you could afford, but the one you noticed, the one you could not take your eyes off of, the one you wished you could afford, the one that made you feel good, the one everyone turned to look at–that cool great car. Cars have changed the way we live, love, work, eat, play, and rock and roll. The stories of these remarkable machines and the people who created them are a fascinating chapter in American history. A fast-paced cruise across the decades in an American Classic! DVD 1: Corvette and The Hot Ones 1955-57 Chevy. Chevrolet Bonus Features: Biography of a Sports Car; Corvette Thunder The Marque of Monterey; Corvette Prep for Sebring; Corvette at Sebring Race Day; Camaro Design. DVD 2: Buick, Oldsmobile, GTO, and Cadillac. Oldsmobile Bonus Feature: This feature shows The Lady and the Rocket, and is a light-hearted introduction to the 1949 Olds V8. DVD 3: Thunderbird, Mustang, Cobra, GT-40, and Model T. DVD 4: Chrysler, Avanti, Kaiser.

Dewey: DVD 629.222 GRE

Trailer & Intro to Mustang Episode:

Desk Yoga Essentials:

Description: Yoga Journal, the most trusted name in yoga worldwide, is proud to present an exciting new yoga DVD – Desk Yoga Essentials – designed to make you feel better at work in five short minutes a day. Doctors and physical therapists agree: taking regular breaks/stretches at work will improve your posture and help you feel good in your body. This DVD includes 15 two to three minute stretches to cultivate healthy alignment, strengthen your entire body, increase flexibility and improve posture, and develop a calm and relaxed attitude. Try one segment in the morning and one in the afternoon to soothe muscle tension, boost circulation, and refresh your energy. Registered yoga therapist Sienna Smith offers her seasoned approach to doing yoga at your desk. You’ll learn techniques to improve your posture while sitting and standing; dissolve tension at the base of your neck and shoulders; release hip tightness that contributes to low-back pain; open the carpal tunnel with finger and wrist exercises; and reduce stress and refresh your nervous system by increasing circulation. Suitable for all levels of fitness, no equipment needed.

Dewey: DVD 613.7046 DES


Disco Sweat hosted by Richard Simmons:

Description: Burn that fat away to such disco hits like I Will Survive and Disco Inferno. Let Richard Simmons take you through a low-impact aerobic workout that gets you sweating as well as singing to those favorite disco oldies.

Dewey: DVD 613.71


Have a great weekend!
Linda, SSCL

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