Dewey Non-Fiction DVD Recommendations 7 22 17

Hi everyone, here are three new Non-Fiction DVD recommendations with related Dewey Decimal System information — in case you want to browse through category specific Dewey Decimal System sections in the print or DVD sections – and just for fun!

1. Stretching The DVD:

Based on the best selling book, STRETCHING, this DVD contains spoken English or Spanish as a special feature in this format. Easy navigation to particular sections for quick reference, instant access to the Everyday Stretches routine to be followed daily for maintaining or increasing flexibility, relieving stress and/or as part of a warm up or cool down for activity/exercise, make this DVD an important addition to your fitness library. Includes an index card of illustrations of the Everyday stretching routine presented in the DVD to remind you in the gym or away from home, how to do the stretches.

The Dewey Decimal System call number for this DVD is: DVD 613.71 STR

And in the 613’s you’ll find books and DVDs relating to health and fitness.

Here’s a link to request Stretching the DVD:

2. The Edward R. Murrow Collection

A towering figure in radio and television, Edward R. Murrow is a name still whispered in reverent tones. He established the standards for broadcast journalists, and, when television was in its infancy, brought hard-hitting investigating reporting to prime time. In his inaugural broadcast of the seminal news magazine series, See It Now, a television version of his radio series Hear It Now, Murrow spoke of the new medium’s potential to “illuminate and explain.” He recognized the importance of television, and shared his hopes “to use it, and not abuse it.” The Edward R. Murrow Collection is eloquent testimony to Murrow’s impeccable legacy. The first disc, This Reporter, is Murrow 101, with highlights from his legendary career and praise from the likes of Ted Koppel, Barbara Walters and a pre-Memogate Dan Rather. The Best of “See It Now” offers a representative sampling of some of this series’ finest hours. The technology may be primitive (that inaugural broadcast featured the then-unprecedented miracle of a live coast-to-coast transmission, with twin images of New York’s Brooklyn Bridge and San Francisco’s Golden Gate), but the stories remain compelling. Among them: race relations from the perspective two southern small towns; a Christmas visit with American soldiers in Korea; profiles of Louis Armstrong and artist Grandma Moses; and flying into the eye of a hurricane.

The McCarthy Years chronicles the fall of a demagogue. In these dramatic and controversial broadcasts, Murrow used McCarthy’s own words to expose his reckless abuse of power, and, in the story of disgraced Air Force lieutenant Milo Radulovich, put a human face on the “epidemic of fear” that was McCarthyism. The final disc contains Harvest of Shame, a television benchmark. Broadcast the day after Thanksgiving, this “1960 Grapes of Wrath” exposed the agonizing plight of migrant farm workers. “We used to own our slaves,” one farmer is quoted. “Now we just rent them.” This indispensable set will hopefully serve as inspiration for budding journalists, and a reality check for network news executives. –Donald Liebenson, review.

The general Dewey Decimal Call Number for the four disc Edward R. Murrow Collection is: DVD 070.19 EDW. Additionally, each disc will feature a number at the end of the call number to distinguish which disc it is in the set, i.e. 1, 2 3 or 4. The specific call numbers for this set, and the titles for each disc are:

Call No. DVD 070.19 EDW 1 – Title: This Reporter
Call No. DVD 070.19 EDW 2 – Title: See it Now
Call No. DVD 070.19 EDW 3 – Title: McCarthy Years
Call No. DVD 070.19 EDW 4 – Title: Harvest of Shame

Here’s a link to StarCat request page for the Edward R. Murrow set:

3. The Sarah Brightman Special: Harem a desert fantasy…

A one-hour soundscape that brings to life all the magic and mystery of the East through hypnotic rhythms and gorgeous settings. Filmed at ancient sites in places such as Morocco and Egypt, this desert fantasy takes the viewer on a dazzling musical journey of cinematic proportions.

Video Track List:
Harem (Cancao do Mar)
Mysterious Days
Anytime, Anywhere
It’s A Beautiful Day
The War Is Over
What You Never Know
Stranger In Paradise
Nessum Dorna (live)
What A Wonderful World
The Journey Home
Time To Say Goodbye

Dewey Decimal Call Number: DVD 782.421 HAR

The Dewey Decimal System numbers in the 780s cover music. So if you’re looking to check out concerts and documentaries on music, songwriters and musicians you should browse through the 780s!

Here’s a link to request the Sarah Brightman DVD:

Have a great day!



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