Speaking of music…

Speaking of music…There are all sorts of books in the library’s collection! Books on cats, books on architecture, books on how to do many things including cooking, writing a book, gardening, how to repair a bike and evening…insert drum roll here for dramatic effect, how to make a guitar from scratch!

So if you’re a tinkerer and have some spare time on your hands this summer you might just check out this book and try your hand a making your own guitar! Come to think of it, a homemade guitar might just make an excellent holiday gift too!

Click here to request the book Build Your Own Electric Guitar:


And if you like guitars you might just want to browse through the books in that section! The Dewey Decimal System number for the book Build Your Own Guitar is: 787.8719 BAL and you’ll find books of similar scope in that section.

And once you’ve built your very own guitar, you might just want to find a cool vintage amplifier to play it through. And we’ve got a book that subject too! A blue book for guitar amps!


The Blue Book of Guitar Amplifiers, Dewey number: 787.8719 BLU, is currently checked out but you can place a request for it via StarCat:


Have a good day!

Linda, SSCL

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