Hello, we hosted a Dropbox Basics program at the library today and I thought I’d share our handout with anyone/everyone who’d like to know the basic steps required in setting up and using a cloud based Dropbox account.

If you’re not familiar with Dropbox it is a cloud based service that is free to use that offers you 2 GB of free storage to upload any photos or documents to the Dropbox service – and you can then access those photos and documents from anywhere you have an Internet connection on a desktop or laptop computer on a smartphone or a tablet.

Here’s a link to a PDF get-started guide:

Dropbox Basics

And one to a PowerPoint get-started guide:


And if you’d like to know more but are hesitant to attempt to create a free Dropbox account yourself – call the library and make an appointment with Jenn or I for a one-on-one session and we’ll get you set up and show you the basic Dropbox ropes.

You can reach Jenn and I at the library by calling: 607-936-3713

Have a great day!

Linda, SSCL


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