After you’ve attended the Doc Possum Band’s Beatles Tribute Concert in the Civic Center Plaza tonight, Friday, August 14, come to the library and see our Monthly Science Fiction Film for August!

Silent Running (1972): As this science fiction classic opens, botanist Freeman Lowell (Bruce Dern) has spent eight years aboard the space freighter “Valley Forge” preserving the only botanical specimens left from Earth under huge geodesic domes. When he receives orders to destroy the project and return home, Lowell rebels and hijacks the freighter, while plunging the craft into the gaseous Rings of Saturn. From that moment on, he has only the trees, the gardens and two “Drone” robots, Huey and Dewey, to keep him company on his greatest adventure of all. Starring Bruce Dern and featuring: Cliff Potts, Ron Rifkin & Jesse Vint. MPAA Rating: G. Run Time: 90 minutes.

Join us!

Linda, SSCL

Click the photo to get a larger view!

Tech Movie Flyer August 2015

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