One of the big  announcements Apple made at its press event last week was about a deal with HBO which will now allow you to purchase HBO al la carte, as in without subscribing to a cable package through your local cable TV provider!

Of course, there is a caveat, you have to have an Apple TV streaming box (and Internet access) to access the HBO Now library of programs.

The Apple TV box now sells for $69 and the HBO Now monthly subscription price will be $14.99 a month; however, this is a huge, huge deal as far as video fans being able to watch TV shows and movies wherever and whenever they want to because for the first time ever a major cable channel is offering a subscription to their video offerings that does not require you to purchase a cable TV package!

Hopefully now that HBO has put a crack in the walled in garden of TV Packaged the flowers of stand alone TV subscriptions will grow!

Here are links to two articles on this subject the first from The Wall Street Journal and the second from NPR:

And if you’d like to see how an Apple TV streaming box works — let us know! We do have one at the library we can show you!

Have a great day!

Linda, SSCL

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