Here are a few interesting tech stories you might have missed in the last 10 days:

Two Articles On A New Computer Board (The Raspberry Pi 2) Coming Soon To Library Programs In Your Area!

1. A. Article 1 is from the Wall Street Journal and offer some examples of what you can do with a $35 basic computer board: called the Raspberry Pi 2 – the article includes a neat video clip that has your WSJ hostess Joanna Stern showing off some of the cool things she did with her Raspberry Pi 2!

Here’s the link to the article:

Stern, Joanna. (2015, February 17). Raspberry Pi 2 Review: A $35 Computer Can Do a Heck of a Lot

An open-source computer that encourages you to look inside. Wall Street Journal. Online. Accessed February 20, 201

1. B. And a second neat article on what you can do with the Raspberry Pi 2 from ZDNET:

Watson, J. A. (2015, February 18). Hands-On with the Raspberry Pi 2. ZDNET. Online. Accessed February 18, 2015.

2. Apple Developing Electric Car? Apple hasn’t commented on this but the tech rumor mill is a-buzz with word that Apple is developing an electric car and for the reasons why the rumor mill is buzzing with this topic The Wall Street Journal offers some solid info on just why this may indeed be so!

Here is the link:

3Smart Doorbells: The Wall Street Journal also offered a cool article in the last week on the subject of just what a Smart Doorbell can do for you – which is cool!

Here’s the link to the article:

4. Microsoft Mobile: Microsoft has recently made a great expansion into the world of mobile devices and New York Times tech columnist Nick Wingfield offers insight into the reasons why – here’s the link to the article:

Wingfield, Nick. (2015, February 18). Microsoft Has Suddenly Gotten Serious With Mobile. The New York Times. Online. Accessed February 18, 2015.

5. Net Neutrality: Two articles on the subject of Net Neutrality one from NPR and the other from New York Times; both articles offer the Net Neutrality basics — that the term “Net Neutrality” basically means two major things for the Internet using public that A. Internet Service Providers (or ISPs for short) will not be allowed to slow down Internet speeds for individual Internet users, companies or websites and B. that ISPs will not be allowed to block Internet users access to any websites.

5. A. The first article is from NPR and it discusses the new F.C.C. reclassification of the Internet as a public utility which was approved today (2-26-15):

Chappell, Bill. (2015, February 26). FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules For ‘Open Internet.’ NPR. Online. Accessed February 26, 2015.

5. B. And the second article is from the New York Times and it too discusses the F.C.C. ruling and both the pro and con sides of the argument for and against Net Neutrality:

Ruiz, Rebecca., & Lohr, Steve. (2015, February 26). In Net Neutrality Victory, F.C.C. Classifies Broadband Internet Service as a Public Utility.

6. Apple Announces New Press Event: Apple has announced a new press even to unveil new products. The event will be held on march 9 and is likely to showcase the new Apple Watch – here’s the link:

Tibken, Shara. (2015, February 26). Apple Watch time? Company sets March 9 ‘spring forward’ event

Apple likely will show off its high-tech watch next month ahead of the wearable’s April release. Other possibilities? An updated Apple TV or an “iPad Pro.” CNET. Online. Accessed February 26, 2015.

7. The Importance of Passwords: NPR offered an article the stressed the importance of both changing your online password on a regular basis and on creating complex passwords that are harder for Internet mischief makers to hack — here’s the link:

Noguchi, Yuki. (2015, February 17). You Might Want To Take Another Pass At Your Passwords. NPR. Online. Accessed February 18, 2015.

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