And here are a handful of personal technology related stories you might have missed this week — courtesy of the SSCL Digital Literacy Services Dept. where we love technology!

1. Article 1 is from The New York Times and relays information about Apple building a solar farm to power all of its California buildings – here’s the link:

Chen, Brian. (2015, February 10). Apple Building Solar Farm to Power California Operations. The New York Times. Online.

2. Article 2 is from USA Today and offers details on F.C.C. Chairman Tom Wheeler’s Net Neutrality plan – here’s the link:

Snider, Mike. (10 February, 2015). FCC chief delivers details on his net neutrality strategy. USA Today. Online.

3. Article 3 is from Rolling Stone’s The Daily Beast and it offers a look at just how the power of the common people was felt and heard during the F.C.C. open comment period – where millions of Americans posted their support of Net Neutrality on the F.C.C’s website — here’s the link:

Shaw, Donny. (9 February, 2015). Net Neutrality: How the Little Guys Beat the Monopolists on Net Neutrality. The Daily Beast. Online.

4.Article 4 offers a story on how Tim Cook and Apple are working to make products that change the way people live for the better — here’s the link:

Clover, Juli. (10 February, 2015). Tim Cook: Our Objective With

Apple Watch Is to Change the Way People Live Their Lives. MacRumors. Online.

5. Article 5 offers a look at the new Phorm tactile keyboard for the iPad – very cool! Here’s the link:

Jase, Kasper. (12 February, 2015). 60 minutes with Phorm for iPad mini, its founder, and the advent of physically responsive touchscreens. Apple Insider. Online.

6. Article 6 is from tech columnist Bonnie Cha who offers a look at just what an iPhone “Carrie Settings Update” is anyway! Here’s the link:

Cha, Bonnie. (12 February, 2015). What Is This ‘Carrier Settings Update’ on My iPhone, iPad? re/code. Online.

7. And Article 7 is from CNET and relays the fact that Sling TV, the service that offers you a handful of TV channels, like ESPN, that used to only be available via a cable subscription but that now can be purchased for an Internet subscription for $20 a month – is offering a free Amazon Fire or Roku streaming stick if you pay for a six month subscription to Sling TV – here’s the link:

Katzmaier, David. (12 February, 2015) Sling TV offers free Amazon Fire TV stick, Roku Streaming Stick, half-price boxes. CNET. Online.

Have a great weekend!
Linda, SSCL

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