Tech Stories  You Might Have Missed January 23 – 31, 2015:

  1. Apple’s Recording Breaking Sales For The Last Quarter: Article 1 is from The Guardian and discusses how Apple broke sales records for the last quarter of 2014 and speculates just what Apple might do now – Apple Watch wise and other-wise – here’s the link:

Neate, Rupert. (31 January, 2015). Apple: what do you do after becoming the world’s most profitable company? The Guardian. Online. Accessed January 31, 2015.

  1. Modern Science Pioneer & Noble Prize Winner Charles Townes Dies: Charles Townes, who was 99 years old, discovered black holes and was a co-winner of the Nobel Prize for physics for discovering laser technology died this past week – NPR features an article on his life and work – here’s the link:

Brumfiel, Geoff. (28 January, 2015). Charles Townes, Laser Pioneer, Black Hole Discoverer, Dies At 99. NPR. Online. Accessed January 28, 2015.

  1. Maker Space Technology For Kids In Hospitcals: NPR also offered a cool article this past week on Maker Space technology being installed in hospitals so kids can create and learn about this exciting new 3 D Printer based technology while they are in hospitals for treatment – here’s the link:

Nelson, Noah. (28 January, 2015). ‘Maker Space’ Allows Kids To Innovate, Learn In The Hospital. NPR. Online. Accessed January 28, 2015.

  1. New 12 Channel Streaming Video Package “Sling TV” unveiled by Dish: Anyone who reads the SSCL Tech blog knows I’m a huge fan of watching TV shows and movies via the modern streaming technology, i.e. on an internet connected device instead of through a traditional TV cable package; and this week an exciting new development in this area — Sling TV was unveiled by the Dish company.

This new streaming video service will offer 12 channels that have previously only been available  to cable TV subscribers and they are: CNN, Cartoon Network, , Disney Channel, ESPN and ESPN2, Food Network, TNT and TBS. The package will cost $20 per month and allow you to access those channels through and web browser or internet connecting device including computers, tablets, smartphones & media streaming players.

Consumer Reports even reported on the new Sling TV here’s a link to their review page:

Here’s link to a story on the significance of this new TV streaming service from the Wall Street Cheat Sheet site:

And a final link to a solid NPR story on the same subject:

And here are the related citations for those there articles:

Sling TV review: How does Dish Network’s service compare to cable and satellite?: Consumer Reports tries this new over-the-Internet live-TV streaming service. Consumer Reports Online. Accessed January 31, 2015.

Arnold, Nathanael. (30 January, 2015) Reasons Why Sling TV Heralds the End of Traditional TV. Wall Street Cheat Sheet. Online. Accessed January 30, 2015.

Deggans, Eric. Intended For Millenials, Dish’s Sling TV Is A Cord Cutter’s Dream. NPR. Online. Accessed January 26, 2015.

  1. Americans Don’t Know Much About Science: The Re/Code site offered an interesting article that illustrates the point that main stream Americans should work on beefing up their knowledge of science – here’s the link:

Schatz, Amy. (29 January, 2015). Scientists Agree: Americans Don’t Know Much About Science. re/code. Online.

  1. The Federal Communications Commission is Making Huge Amounts of Money Selling Spectrum Bands: That is fancy technology speak that means Internet Service Providers are selling out large sums of money to purchase access to what PC Magazine describes as “65 megahertz of spectrum in the AWS-3 band” – the total auction amount bid was about 45 billion dollars!

Here’s the link to the article:,2817,2476035,00.asp

Albanesius, Chloe. FCC Spectrum Auction Pulls in Staggering $44.9 Billion. PC Magazine. Online. Accessed January 29, 2015.

  1. Cablevision Unveils New Wi-Fi Phone Plan: The Cablevision Company unveiled a new Wi-Fi only mobile phone plan this past week & the New York Times offered an article on the plan — here’s the link:

Steel, Emily. (26 January, 2015). Cablevision to Introduce Wi-Fi-Based Phone Plan. The New York Times. Online. Accessed January 31, 2015.

  1. Broadband Speed Map: The Vox site offered a map that shows Broadband speeds around the world based upon those Broadband Speed tests you can find online – and American isn’t anywhere near the top – which is interesting – here’s the link:

Lee, Timothy. (31 January, 2015). Broadband speeds around the world, in one map. Vox. Online. Accessed January 31, 2015.

  1. FCC Changes Definition of Broadband: And the final tech article you might have missed this past week is from The Verge and it offers a look at how the FCC’s new definition of Broadband means that many people who subscribe to Broadband Internet service in the U.S. are not getting it!

Here’s the link:

Singleton, Micah. (29 January, 2015). The FCC has changed the definition of broadband. The Verge. Online. Accessed Jnauary 31, 2015.

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