Tech Articles For Your Weekend Reading Pleasure Week Ending December 12

Article 1. An interesting Times’ article that focuses on how the use of technology can be used to help lessen income inequality

Cowen, Tyler. (2014, December 6). How Technology Cold Help Fight Income Inequality. The New York Times. Online. Accessed December 6, 2014.

Article 2: A helpful re/code gift guide for those purchasing gifts for families that include young children – the gifts are mostly for young children although the lists includes a few items for the parents:

Boehret, Katherine. (2014, November 25). Holiday Gift Guide: Tech Relief for Parents of Young Children. re/code. Online. Accessed November 25, 2014.

Article 3. I found this article on the Quartz blog – Quartz is a blog owned by the Atlantic Publishing Group – the people behind The Atlantic magazine – and I thought this article was neat because it offers us a brief look at the divide between the U.S. where we collectively highly value technology and other parts of the world where the technology we value, and most of which is produced in the U.S., is seen in a more negative light as exemplified by the “Right to be Forgotten” issue which has been a huge bone of contention between European countries and Google – here’s the link to the article:

Chibber, Kabir. (1 December, 2014). American cultural imperialism has a new name: GAFA. qz. Online. Accessed December 2, 2014.

Article 4: This article is from the La Prensa (The Press) site and it discusses how a group of students at the U. S. C. Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism had a 15 week software production (aka Hackathon) session where the developed new software applications for Google Glass. The session was overseen by Web Journalism Professor Robert Hernandez.

Here’s the link to the article:

And a link to the U. S. C. Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism’s website in case anyone wants to check that site out to learn more:

Students develop Google Glass app that gives users encyclopedic knowledge. La Prensa. Online. Accessed December 4, 2014.

Article 5: Article 5 offers info on the second Sony hack in recent weeks:

Hesseldahl, Arik. (2014, December 8). Hackers Hit Sony, Again. re/code. Online. Accessed December 8, 2014.

Article 6: This article discusses how & why many people under the age of 30 expect that they can view and listen to digital content for free:

Grappling With the ‘Culture of Free’ in Napster’s Aftermath. New York Times. Online. Accessed December 8, 2014.

Article 7. Another cool re/code gift guide – this one focuses on the gadgets you might buy to please the combo tech and fitness people on your gift list:

Goode, Lauren. (2014, November 25). Holiday Gift Guide: Gadgets for Fitness Freaks. re/code. Online. Accessed December 10, 2014,.

Article 8. This week T-Mobile launched a new and cheaper family plan that allows you to have two lines with unlimited date for only $100 per month!

Here’s the link:

Seifert, Dan. (2014, December 9). T-Mobile launches $100 two-line family plan with unlimited data. The Verge. Online. Accessed December 9, 2014.

Article 9. If you have an Amazon Prime membership and i you purchased a new 4 K TV in 2014 then you might want to check out this article because Amazon has just updated its software so that you can access 4 K content from the Amazon Instant Video Store!

Katzmaier, David. (2014, December 12). Amazon 4K streams start (updated with hands-on). cnet. Online. Accessed December 12, 2014.

Article 10. And yet another sign of the fact that we live in a high tech era – The State of Iowa will soon put out a new app that will allow residents to keep their official drivers’ license – on their smartphone!

Calamur, Krishnadev. (2014, December 12). Coming Soon To Iowa: Driver’s License On A Smartphone App. NPR. Online. Accessed December 12, 2014.

Article 11. Here’s a tech column from the New York Times that offers info on just why Windows computers keep doing those annoying updates, and, what type of scanning & virus protection software you might use on a Mac:

Biersdorfer, J. D. (2014, December 10). Keeping Up With Windows Update/Scanning A Mac. The New York Times. Online. Accessed December 12, 2014.

Article 12: And if you like cooking and technology checkout this cool NPR article that discusses a new high tech pan!


Ralphelson, Samantha.(2014, December 3). Weekly Innovation: A Smart Pan That Helps You Cook Like A Chef. Online. Accessed December 8, 2014.


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