Hi everyone, I usually post this list of interesting personal technology related stories on Friday so you can peruse it over the weekend but with the Thanksgiving holiday I didn’t quite manage to do that last week — so here is the listing of interesting tech stories you might have missed for the past week — for your early week reading pleasure!

Article 1. An interesting article the subject of the coming obsolescence of paper money and coins as electronic payments become the norm:


Darlin, Damon. (28 November, 2014). Cashless Society. It’s Already Coming. The New York Times. Accessed November 29, 2014.

Article 2. NPR offered several cool articles this week including this one which takes a brief look at the pros and cons of “digital learning” from both financial and educational perspectives.


Huntsberry, Will. (25 November, 2014). Is Digital Learning More Cost-Effective? Maybe Not. NPR. Online. Accessed November 26, 2014.

Article 3. This article introduces a new product – a portable seat that can be carried around in your pocket and which will allow you to sit instead of stand in line – helpful for times when you’re standing in line for quite a while:


Raphelson, Samantha. (26 November, 2014). Weekly Innovation: A Seat That Fits In Your Pocket. NPR. Online. Accessed November 26, 2014.

Article 4. In reading the article on the portable seat that you can carry around in your pocket I came across an article that NPR first offered in July on the subject of how we can all be more mobile and fit by using a small foot controlled elliptical device called a “Cubii.”

Here’s the link to the NPR article from July:


And a link to the official Cubii site, which is called Fitness Cubed, if you’d like to know more about this desk fitness gadget:


Caren, Allie. (23 July, 2014). Weekly Innovation: Get Moving, While Seated At Your Desk. NPR. Online. Accessed November 26, 2014.

Article 5. An article on the Pandora streaming music service and the changing we way people listen to music today:


Sydell, Laura. (26 November, 2014). Pandora’s New Deal: Different Pay, Different Play. NPR. Online. Accessed November 26, 2014.

Article 6. And this article has more to do with Thanksgiving than technology! However, I thought it was interesting and figured I’d share it! It discusses the most Googled Thanksgiving recipes by state…


Upshot Staff. (25 November, 2014). The Thanksgiving Recipes Googled in Every State. The New York Times. Online. Accessed November 26, 2014.

Article 7. Article 7 is another on the timely subject of the right of individuals online information to be forgotten over time:


Scott, Mark. (26 November, 2014). ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Should Apply Worldwide, E.U. Panel Says. New York Times. Online. Accessed November 29, 2014.

Article 8. A neat buying guide article from tech columnist extraordinaire Walt Mossberg on what tech gifts you can give people this season – and I know the title of the article focuses on “Boomers” but even so I think the suggestions are solid for any technology fans from the barley novice fans to the seasoned tech fans – here’s the link:


Mossberg, Walt. (25 November, 2014) Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy a Boomer. re/code. Online. Accessed November 26, 2014.

Article 9. And the final suggested reading personal technology article focuses on the power the tech industry has political wise and other wise in the U.S. and why this is a big deal – which I thought was very interesting – here’s the link:


Hu, Elise. (24 November, 2014). Silicon Valley’s Power Over The Free Press: Why It Matters. NPR. Online. Accessed November 25, 2014.

Have a great day!

Linda, SSCL

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