Did you know that if you live locally you can obtain free digital literacy assistance at the Southeast Steuben County Library?


You can!


And if you’re pondering what exactly I mean by digital literacy assistance let me explain!


Digital literacy is simply fancy computer-speak that translated into everyday American English means we assist patrons in learning how to use their tablets, e-readers, laptops, smartphones and other tech devices.


For example, some of the items we assist patrons in learning how to include learning how to:


  • Use the iPad to access the Internet, send & receive email, get apps from the App Store and more!


  • Create a free e-mail account, send & receive email


  • Use Microsoft Word to type letters, resumes and other documents


  • Use Microsoft PowerPoint to create slideshows and presentations


  • Use Skype to make video phone calls


  • Use the Internet to search for information


  • Learn to use the e-reader, laptop or tablet your kids gave you for your birthday


  • And more!


To learn how to use your new gadget or software simply call the library and make an appointment for a free One-On-One session with a member of the library’s Digital Literacy Services team – Linda (that’s me!) or Jenn.


We can be reached by phone at the following number: 607-936-3713 ext. 502


Or you can send an email to us at: DIGLIT@STLS.ORG


Have a great Tuesday!

Linda R.


P.S. If you don’t live locally you can still access our blog for instructional material regarding computer, tablet and e-reader usage – simply go to our Tech Talk blog located at: https://sscltech.wordpress.com/ and click on the Online Tech Tutorials link. I’ll be adding more documents to that section later today!


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