Hi everyone, just a quick posting at 9:30 on a Friday evening.

I just read the news that the Supreme Court is going to hear the Aereo case! That is the case that has the potential to transform the way we watch TV. I’ve mentioned Aereo before in blog postings but just in case you’re wondering who they are; they are the company that receives those free over the air signals that TV broadcasters send out – and they charge their customers $8,000 a month for a tiny antenna and DVR that allows them to record and watch live TV shows broadcast by the major networks, i.e. ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, PBS etc., on any Wi-Fi connecting device you own. Perhaps needless to say the traditional cable companies and networks aren’t thrilled with what they see as this upstart service! However, the company’s service has been determined to be legal in several lower court decisions and now the Supreme Court will have the final say – if the highest court in the land agrees with the majority of the lower state court decisions and deems the Aereo service legal it will almost assuredly transform the way we watch TV.

Here’s a link to a New York Times article on the subject:


And a link to the Aereo website where you can find out more about their service:


Have a great weekend!

Linda R.


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