Did You Know You Can Access The Mango Languages Software, To Learn A New Language, From The Library’s Website?

Did you know you can learn a new language with the Mango Languages software that is accessible through the library’s website?

You can! (Did I mention you can access and use this interactive software for free? You can!)

If you’re a native English speaker you can learn a variety of other languages including: Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, Latin, Russian, Serbian and even Pirate! (And no I’m not kidding! You really can learn to speak “Pirate.)

And if English is your second language you can find instructional material for a great variety of languages — in those native languages — the languages include: Arabic, Chinese, Italian, German, Vietnamese and more!

To get started just go to the library’s home page found at http://ssclibrary.org/ and click on the Mango Languages link: Once  you click on the link and either log in (so you can track your progress) or simply click the “Start Learning” link — and away you go!

Here’s a picture of the languages you can learn via interactive tutorials if your native language is English:

Mango Languages for English Speakers

And here’s a photo of the list of languages you can learn if English is your second language:

Mango Languages for Adult Learners of English

And if you want more information about all the languages you can learn for free by using the Mango software — here’s a PDF version of our Mango Languages brochure which lists them all!

Mango Brochure Revised October 29, 2013

Have a great day!

Linda R.

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