Apple’s Chances On E-Book Appeal: As I’m sure most people already know Apple, which was the lone defendant in the U.S. Department of Justice e-book anti-trust lawsuit  came down on the losing side of the suite. The DOJ ruled that Apple did in fact collude with five major U.S. publishers to raise the price of e-books. The five published named in the suit were five of the largest publishers in the U.S. and they all settled the suit with the DOJ before the trail began leaving Apple as the lone losing defendant. Apple has said it will appeal the DOJ decision. And if you’re wondering what Apple’s chances of winning an appeal might be — the answer is apparently slim. I’m a librarian not a lawyer but I gather from what I’ve read that the DOJ ruling is that Apple engaged in anti-competitive behavior not that the company influenced the price of e-books per se. 

Here’s a link to an All Things D article on the subject titled “Apple’s Chances of an E-Book Ruling Appeal Are Lousy, Say Legal Experts:”

Chromebooks Selling Well As Sales Of Most PCS Continue To Drop: I came across an interesting ZDNet article today that discusses the fact that although PC sales in general continue to lose ground to tablet sales — there is one portion of the PC market that is growing and that part of the market is made up of laptops that are selling for under $300. Some of the super cheap laptops are running Windows 8 but 20 – 25% of that under $300 market each month is made up of Google Chromebooks. 

And I can understand why! 

We have a Google Chromebook at the library. It is the $249 Chromebook and offers users a basic, reasonably speedy computing experience. If you have Wi-Fi or access to Wi-Fi and use the web for the majority of your PC tasks than a Chromebook isn’t a bad computer to purchase as a second computer or an entry level computer for someone (you do need to have access to Wi-Fi). Stop by the library sometime and you can try it out!

Here’s a link to the ZDNet article titled “Chromebooks a Bright Spot in the Dark PC Market:”

Verizon Needs To Sell iPhones: I came across an article today titled “Verizon May Need to Sell $23.5 Billion Worth of iPhones by End of the Year” and thought I’d share the link because it seems Verizon made a deal with Apple in 2010 to sell a certain number of iPhones and they haven’t sold enough of them just yet — which may translate into the fact that Verizon may sell some iPhones at lower prices or as part of a more desirable-then-usual cell phone deals later this year. So if you’re in the market for a new iPhone in the fall you may want to check out the Verizon site before buying a new phone!

Here’ the link to the article:

Have a great day!

Linda R.


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Paczkowski, John. (2013, July 11). Verizon Needs to Sell 23.5 Billion Worth of iPhones by the End of the Year. All Things D. Online. Accessed July 11, 2013.

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