New Search Box On Library Homepage: If you’ve ever wanted to search the library’s website – now you can! There is a new search box, powered by Google, on the library’s homepage found at SSCLIBRARY.ORG so if you want to search our website for a subject like “Young Adult” for YA programs “tech” for tech programs “ or “writing” or “writer” to see programs that focusing on writing like our cool Young Adult and Adult Writer’s groups you can! You can also sort the results by relevance or date. This is a cool new feature of our online library which incidentally includes a Calendar of library events (click on the Calendar link) a number of credible databases (click on the Research link to see more) and the e-books and electronic audio books, albums and videos found in the STLS Digital Catalog (which you can access by clicking on the STLS Digital Catalog link).

So check out the library’s homepage for more information – here’s the link:

Microsoft Games Coming To iOS & Android: A number of tech news sources have reported today that Microsoft is working on deals that would bring many of its games to Apple (iOS) and Android mobile devices (i.e. tablets & smartphones). The details haven’t of course been revealed but the specific game mentioned as one of the first to be offered is “Age of Empires” which is one of my favorite Microsoft Games! And I hope — should the deals come to fruition — to also be able to engage in the role playing game “Fate” on my iPad in the near future – Of course if they want to release a version of “Fate” that I can play on my iMac – I’d love that too!

So just FYI if you have some favorite Microsoft games you’ve previously played on your desktop, laptop or Xbox you may in the near future be able to play those same games on your smartphone or tablet!

Here is a link to a Slashgear article on the subject titled “Age of Empires coming to iOS and Android: first of many Microsoft titles:”

Have a great day!

Linda R.


Burns, Chris. (2013, June 24). Age of Empires coming to iOS and Android: first of many Microsoft titles

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