Microsoft Changes Its Mind About Xbox One Restrictions & New Echolocation Mapping Technology

Microsoft Changes Its Mind About Xbox One Restrictions: Last month Microsoft announced it would release a new version of its popular Xbox gaming console called the Xbox One. The company announced the new console will go on sale this fall but with new restrictions as to its usage. Microsoft said that Xbox One purchasers would be required to connect their gaming consoles to the Internet once a day and if Xbox One owners didn’t  comply they’d be unable to continue playing games on their consoles offline — the idea being to verify that the game consoling was being used by the registered account user and not someone else.

And at that same press event Microsoft also announced there would be a change in the ability of new Xbox owners to lend and re-sell gaming cartridges. The company intended to let the media companies that manufacture the cartridges to set the rules for their sale and re-sale; and thus the Xbox owners might not be able to re-sell cartridges at all or might only be able to re-sell them with a portion of the re-sell proceeds going back to the cartridge publishing company. Additionally, Xbox users would only be able to lend a cartridge to a friend once.

The changes Microsoft proposed were intended to be anti-piracy measures; however, those measures if they had been implemented would also have greatly curtailed the rights of new Xbox owners to use their consoles off line or to lend their gaming cartridges to friends. And of course the new rules would hinder the ability of Xbox One owners to sell their cartridges back to stores so they could get money to buy new cartridges.

Perhaps needless to say all of these restrictions have not gone over well with Xbox and gaming fans. There has been plenty of negative discussion on Facebook and Twitter about these new locked down rules – and whether it has been the overwhelmingly negative feedback from consumers or the fact that Sony announced on the very same day that Microsoft had its press event – that they would release a new PlayStation gaming console called the Playstation 4 this year and that there would be absolute no restrictions as to how long PlayStation 4 owners could play games on their consoles while off line or how many times they could loan out their gaming cartridges to friends —  oh and by the way PlayStation owners were and will continue to be welcome to sell their used gaming cartridges whenever they want to! Whichever factor was the deciding factor – and maybe both together were — today Microsoft did a complete 180 and rescinded all the restrictions on the upcoming Xbox One console and its attending games which is definitely good news for Xbox fans!

Here’s a link to a CNET article on the subject titled “Microsoft pulls a 180, reverses Xbox One always-on DRM and used games policy:”

And a second article on the same subject from The Guardian site titled “Xbox One reversal: did Microsoft make the right decision?”

New Echolocation Mapping Technology: And if it has been a while since you took your last science class– the word “echolocation” refers to the ability of some animals – like bats – to navigate over terrain by using internally generated or bio sonar. And now researchers at the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland have created a computer algorithm that will do the exact same thing – map a room or other surroundings based upon a computer gauging how sound flows over the objects in a given area or room in. In essence the computer is listening to the room and creating a map of it simply by sound.

And as you probably already guessed I read an article on the subject! The article is from NBC News and is titled “Echolocation technology maps rooms in a snap,” here’s the link:

Have a great day!

Linda R.


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