David Pogue On Too Many Passwords: New York Times personal technology columnist David Pogue offers a cool article today on the challenges of having many passwords for numerous online accounts – banking accounts, shopping accounts, social networking accounts etc. He says that he has 87 online accounts he needs to keep track of passwords for and that it is impossible for any one person to remember log in information for that many online accounts – and I concur! I have a whole notebook of passwords at home that I use to assist me in remember the log in information for all my accounts!

Pogue has a suggestion to assist us with this dilemma he recommends we use free software called Dashlane that you can download to your computer or obtain via an app from Apple or Android called and which will access log in information for your accounts that is stored on your computer (the software will not record the information nor share it with anyone) and if you agree* it will automatically access that information each time you go to a site and log you in automatically and securely.

You can find out more about Dashlane by reading David Pogue’s entire article titled “Too Many Passwords and No Way to Remember Them. Until Now;” and/or by watching the accompanying videocast:


A Health Fitness Gadget For Your Dog: You’ve heard of wearable computing devices like the Jawbone Up and the Nike FuelBand that monitor your health – how many calories you burn each day, how well you sleep at night etc… Well now there is a health gadget that will monitor your dog’s health! It is called the Whistle. The device costs $99 and send information to your smartphone or tablet via an app – the device will let you know how active your dog is while you’re away from home via a passive device you attach to your dog’s collar which will allow you to gauge how your dog is feeling. The idea is to let you know that if your dog doesn’t get walked as often on certain days of the week because you are busy — then you might want to take the dog for an extra walk sometime during the day/evening so he or she gets some more exercise. This is neat stuff! Here’s a link to an ABC News article on the subject titled “Forget Your Fitness Gadget, Whistle Wants to Track Man’s Best Friends’ Activity” which offers more info on the subject:


And a link to another more techy related article on the same subject titled “Data dogs: how a new startup, Whistle, is building a Fitbit for your pooch by charting activity, owners can spot illness early on;”


Have a great day!

Linda R.

*By “agree” I simply mean that once you’ve installed the software on your computer and you first visit a website that requires you to log in – a message will pop up that asks you if you want Dashlane to  automatically log you into your account the next time you visit the website.


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Stern, Joanna. (2013, June 5). Forget Your Fitness Gadget, Whistle Wants to Track Man’s Best Friends’ Activity. ABC News. Online. Accessed June 5, 2013.

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