Over the weekend Amazon introduced a new page on its site the “Amazon Original Pilots,” the page has the subtitle “You help decide which shows become series. Watch now for free.” And essentially this is the new cutting edge way to both watch video content (streaming show from the web to your TV, laptop or other device) and to put forth your more than two cents worth about which shows you’d like to see developed and to continue being produced (by both voting on free shows like the eight comedy pilots Amazon is asking for feedback on and paying $1.99 for streaming television episodes and slightly more for movies). You do have to have an Amazon Prime membership in order to watch these pilots for free – that costs $79 per year and does give you other perks including free second day shipping of items, access to all items in the Amazon Prime streaming video library and one free e-book, from Amazon’s lending library, per month.

As far as producing television shows goes Amazon in essence is doing what Netflix has done with its very popular House of Cards series – produced exclusive video content to offer to its members and completely bypassing traditional media and cable companies in the process.

And getting back to the Amazon comedy pilots, the eight pilots (& their plots) currently available for viewing are:

“Alpha House: They work in the Senate. They live in the Alpha House.

Betas: Four friends think they’ve cracked the code for Silicon Valley success.

Browers: Fresh-faced interns face the music, and sing along with it.

Dark Minions: Rules, reports, a Galactic Overlord…just another day at the office.

Onion News Empire: Onion News Network journalists will do anything to stay on top.

Supanatural: These divas are humanity’s last line of defense.

Those Who Can’t: The most immature guys at this high school are teachers.

Zombieland: Four survivors are killing zombies and searching for a home.”

And for John Goodman and Bill Murray fans – check out the Alpha House pilot which features John Goodman in a starring role and Bill Murray in a hilarious cameo!

And the Kids’ Pilot shows include:

“Annebots: Kid scientist Anne explores the world.

Creative Galaxy: Soar with a loveable alien artist.

Positively Ozitivley: Enjoy magical adventures in Oz.

Sara Solves It: Unravel mysteries with Sara and Sam.

Teeny Tiny Dogs: Canine pals help one another.

Tumbleaf: Join the journeys of Fig the fox.”

Here’s a Google shortened direct link to the Amazon Pilots page:


A second link to a Slate article on the comedy pilots titled Can Amazon Transform TV? With eight new sitcom pilots and stars like John Goodman and Bebe Neuwirth, the bookselling giant is willing to try:


And a third link to a New York Times article that offers more information on the new Prime series pilots for kids titled Amazon Introduces New Children’s Programs:


Have a great day!

Linda R.


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