Flexible, Bendable Mobile Screens: Corning Inc. is one of the largest producers of display glass in the world. Their Gorilla glass is used in many smartphones and tablets because it is so tough – scratch and dirt resistant. And not being content to rest on its laurels Corning is now working on a new type of flexible display glass, called Willow glass, that will bend; thus in the future this glass should be incorporated into the design of Internet connecting displays that will be so thin you’ll be able to fold them up and take them you as if it they were scrolls of clear paper.   

I came across a brief Mobile Phones article on the subject of Corning’s flexible display glass titled Flexible Mobile Screens Coming Soon – here’s the link:


And here, on the related subject of general Corning display glass, is a link to a short Today’s iPhone article that relays the tech rumor that Corning is going to supply the display glass for the rumored upcoming Apple TV:

Why Internet Natives Expect Digital Content To Be Free: There have been a number of articles in the news in the last six months or so on the subject of what is being described as “Cord Nevers” (instead of cord cutters). This new term refers to people in their twenties who have never paid for cable television, who like to watch Internet accessed television shows and movies on their smartphones, tablets and computers whenever they want to and are not inclined to pay to watch TV shows and movies because they’ve never had too. This group of people has so far in their lives gained access to their favorite movies and television shows from friends’ collections or family or friends cable subscriptions.

This is an interesting subject because it clearly illustrates a growing trend – increasingly television and movie fans want to watch the shows and movies they are interested in when they want to watch them and on whichever Internet connecting device they have at hand at the moment; whether that consists of their smartphone while they are standing in line at the grocery store, their tablets when they are on their lunch break at work or their laptop or large screen smart TVs when they are at home.

And as is frequently the case you can see the shift in society – in this case in how people access video content – starting in earnest with young adults. So this is an interesting trend to watch because it rather cuts all the debates and conversations about how expensive bundled cable bill are off at the knees! Those people who aren’t willing to pay for cable TV packages at all aren’t going to care how much money Time Warner or Comcast charges for their cable packages as they aren’t going to subscribe to any of them anyway thus losing the cable companies what has traditionally been a steady part of their business – new cable subscribers.

Here’s a link to a related story from the PaidContent site titled Generation Mooch Why 20 Somethings Have A Hard Time Paying For Content:


And a second link to an article from the Atlantic on the growing number of young adult cord nevers:


Have a great day!

Linda R.


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