Prescription Google Glass Glasses: If you’re like me and are both a tech fan and someone who wears glasses and you have heard about the Google Glass glasses; they are the glasses that connect to the Internet and display information, emails and webpages in front of your eyes via voice control, you may have wondered if you’d be able to use them if in conjunction with prescription lenses. And as it turns out you will be able to wear prescription Google Glass glasses. The tech site Ars Technica offers a brief article on the subject of Google Glass prescription glasses, titled Google shows off a prescription version of Google Glass. And although I’m pleased to hear this new and cool gadget will be available for people who wear prescription glasses I have to say – I just hope they work for those of us who have bifocals!

Here is the link to the article:

Controlling Your Computer With a Wave of Your Hand: May 13, 2013 is a day that may usher a new computing era in – it is the day that the Leap Motion Controller, which will list for $79, will go on sale. And the Leap Motion Controller will literally allow you to control your computer not with a mouse but with by the motion of your fingers or your hand. Want to scroll up a webpage? You’ll be able to do so just by moving your finger in a vertical line in front of you! And if you’re playing Angry Birds you’ll be able to pull back that sling shot with the swipe of your finger and let that bird fly!  How cool is that!

Here’s a link to a Business Insider article on the new Leap Motion Controller titled Watch How This Gadget Lets You Control Your Computer With A Wave Of Your Hand:

And here’s a link to the Leap Motion product page if you’d like to learn more about the product from the horse’s mouth as it were:

And here’s a final Leap Motion Controller related link to a CNET article which has a title that is almost as cool as the controller itself! It is called Leap Motion Gives You Jedi Powers!

A You Bet Your Life Story: This is one of those side-ways topics that really doesn’t have much to do with technology unless of course you count the fact that the television series You Bet Your Life which starred Groucho Marx was saved by his grandson Andy. Andy Marx also wrote the article which relays the story of how in the early seventies as a recent college graduate he saved all the film reels of the You Bet Your Life series by simply picking up the telephone! One day Andy was having lunch at his grandfather’s house with esteemed guest including Jack Nicholson, Marcel Marceau and Elliot Gould and the phone rang and Groucho asked Andy to answer it. When Andy picked up the phone he found that an NBC employee was on the phone inquiring whether or not Groucho wanted the reel to reel copies of You Bet Your Life – it seems NBC was clearing out their warehouse and wanted to get rid of the reels – Groucho was reluctant to take them but Andy convinced him and two weeks later five truck loads full of reels of the show arrives at Groucho’s house! Subsequently, Andy was hired to watch all the episodes and write down a description of each episode so that the shows could be aired as reruns a task that took him two months to accomplish. However, his hard work and effort paid off – because he was chiefly responsible for saving the thousands of reels of the show which would otherwise have vanished in the mists of television history. And now we can watch You Bet Your Life episodes on Netflix 33 years after Groucho’s death – Thanks Andy!

Here’s a link to the article titled The Day My Grandfather Grouch & I Saved ‘You Bet Your Life’

Have a great day!

Linda R.


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