Assorted Tech News: Grillbot,, Rechargeable LED Reading Glasses, The Rumored iWatch, Why Apple TV Apps Might End Game Console Use & E-Book Only Fantasy Novels To Partake of This Week!

Wow, there are many tech news stories out there in the online news space today! So I’m highlighting more of them than usual. The articles offer basic info about notable tech news items including the new Grillbot, the reasons why a new Apple TV box might revolutionize the way we interact with our TVs and the news that Microsoft’s is now officially in business and will absorb all Microsoft Hotmail email accounts by the end of the summer.

Grillbot: The new Grillbot is similar in scope to one of those Rumba floor cleaners – you know those little round robotic cleaners that you charge and then let loose in your house to clean all your floors…The Grillbot doesn’t clean floors but as you might expect it is a self cleaning grill robot – so in theory you need never clean the family grill again! Just buy a Grillbot and let it do the dirty work for you!

The tech site Geeky Gadgets offers a short article today on The Grillbot, titled The Grillbot is a Roomba for your Grill, here’s the link: is Microsoft’s new web email service. The web based email service has been out in trial (beta) form for several months and was named after the traditional desktop Microsoft Outlook. It is notable that this service has now officially gone live and is out of its beta trial period because this web based email service will eventually absorb Microsoft’s Hotmail email service.  So Hotmail users be advised! Hotmail users can switch to Outlook mail right now or wait; however Microsoft has said it will be phasing out Hotmail by the end of the summer so you can wait to switch over but you can’t wait for too long!

CNN offers an article on the now official today titled Goodbye Hotmail, hello Outlook – here’s the link:

Rechargeable LED Reading Glasses: I’m sure most of you have heard about the e-readers with backlit screens that allow you to read e-books in the dark like the Nook Glowlight and Kindle Paperwhite? And I’m sure too that most of you know that you can read e-books in the dark on a tablet or smartphone as they too offer illuminated text. And now here’s a third option for those that like to read in the dark! You can now buy rechargeable LED reading glasses! So if you prefer reading traditional (print) books – you can now read them in the dark without turning on a light!

Here’s a link to a Coolest Gadgets article titled Rechargeable LED Reading Glasses that offers a brief article on the subject of LED Reading Glasses and a photo showing a pair of said glasses:

The Rumored iWatch: The tech rumor mill is a buzz with word that Apple is working on an iWatch. The as yet unconfirmed iWatch is thought to feature a bendable screen courtesy of some type of bendable glass like Corning Inc.’s Willow Glass.

The Guardian offers an interesting story on the both the subject of the rumored iWatch and the ways in which technology will become ever more interactive in our lives in the near future.

The article is titled Apple iWatch Wearable Tech – here’s the link:

Why Apple TV Apps Might End Game Console Use: In all the postings I’ve done on streaming video boxes and streaming technology I haven’t really mentioned one of the reasons I think an Apple TV upgrade might really revolutionize the way we interact with our TVs. However, I can describe that reason why in one word – apps! If own a smartphone or tablet, and in particular if you own an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, then you’ll assuredly have noticed that the app store for your device offers many apps in a great variety of subjects. There are apps that allow you to read e-books, watch television shows or movies and apps relating to news, cooking, sewing, technology, sports, actors, musicians, , drawing, photo editing,  guitar playing and games and also apps in great variety of other categories. And if you own or have used a smartphone or tablet you’ve probably also noticed that most apps are reasonably priced. You can buy many, many apps for $1.99 – $2.99 and even get many light versions of apps for free.

Now if you keep in mind the inexpensive price of the apps available in the Apple app store and the great variety of them and add to that the potential ability to access all the apps in the Apple app store – particularly gaming apps – on your television through an Apple TV player; and I think you begin to see how the Xbox and Wii ‘s days may indeed be numbered if Apple comes out with a new version of its Apple TV that allows consumers to use their TVs to interact with apps and play app games on their TVs.

And here’s a link to a Tech Crunch article titled The Fall TV Lineup May Include Apple Dominating Gaming that offers more information on the subject:

E-Book Only Fantasy Novels To Partake of This Week! The USA Today has an article today which is just for you – if you like fantasy and science fiction e-books that is! The article offers suggestions as to which new e-book only Fantasy & Sci-Fi genre e-books you might like to read this week.

Here’s the link:

Have a great Tuesday!

Linda R.


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