Windows 8 – Not As Scary As You Might Think!

Windows 8 Desktop View

I’ve had a Windows 8 touchscreen laptop (an HP Envy) since last fall. And as you can imagine after using it for several months I do have an opinion about the new Windows 8 Operating System!

And… insert drum roll here for dramatic effect…I like it!

Windows 8 really isn’t scary at all! In fact there are a number of cool new things you can do with a Windows 8 PC (like use a touch screen). However, there is also a comfortable and familiar side to Windows 8 for anyone who has used a Windows 7 or XP computer. And that side is the desktop side of Windows 8.

You see there are two sides to Windows 8 a Start Screen side and a desktop side. And the desktop side is very familiar looking indeed–in fact it looks like a Windows 7 desktop with one major exception – there isn’t a Start Menu instead to access files.

Instead of using the old Start Menu you tap (if you have a touch screen PC) or click on the Windows Explorer folder that appears at the bottom left hand corner of the screen in the exact spot you’d find the Windows Flag icon that you click to bring up the Start Menu in Windows XP or Windows 7. And in fact, if you’re using a Windows 7 or Windows XP computer right now you can see exactly what that path looks like – that is clicking on the Windows Explorer folder to access your documents, photos, videos or music; because those versions of Windows feature that same Windows Explorer folder! The folder is situated right next to the Windows Flag icon (the one you click on the bring up the Start Menu) and located in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

And as you can see from the photo included with this blog post – which does indeed show off a Windows 8 desktop – you can still place other icons on your desktop if you want to do so – you can create all the desktop short cuts you’d like and you can access the drives on your computer by also opening the Windows Explorer folder as the drives are on the left side of the Window that displays right under the Computer icon just as the will be if you open the Windows Explorer folder on a PC running Windows 7 or Windows XP.

So the desk topside of Windows 8 really isn’t scary at all! Instead it is very similar to the desktop you see and utilize if you’re using a Windows XP or Windows 7 PC.

Now the Start Screen side of Windows 8 that is indeed different! Think of that side of Windows 8 as being similar to a tablet – like an iPad, Galaxy Tab or Kindle Fire with apps! And I’ll talk more about that side of Windows 8 tomorrow.

Have a great evening everyone!

Linda R.

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