Why You Should Consider Office 365 Instead Of Office 2013: Microsoft launched its new Office Suite last week. And as I mentioned last week there are two versions: a traditional desktop version you can install on PCs via disc or download and a new web based version that resides in the cloud. And to translate that computerese what that fancy terminology means is that there is one version of Microsoft Office, called Microsoft Office 2013, which is the traditional style software that is paid for via a one time only payment and then is downloaded to a PC either via a installation disc or a download from an online vendor like Amazon. You can then use that traditional version of Microsoft Office only on one computer and you don’t get new software features until you upgrade to the next version of Office.  The Office 2013 Home & Student edition retails for $140 and includes the following software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint & OneNote.

In contrast, the second version of the new Microsoft Office Suite for the home, called Office 365 Home Premium, is a web (cloud) based version which is a subscription service. You pay a yearly subscription fee and you can access this cloud version of Office on up to 5 PCs.  The Office 365 Home Premium edition costs $99 per year (or $9.99 per month) and includes the following software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access & Publisher. In addition, if you subscribe to Office 365 (The Home Premium edition) your software will be updated with any new bells or whistles (AKA software features) Microsoft implements during the year to make the software work better and/or to offer you more options as to what you can do with the software. So if you choose the subscription version of Office you get more software which actually costs less than the traditional version, continual updates so your software is never out-of-date and always has all the latest features and you can put the software on five computers instead of just one.

Also of note is that the Office 365 Home Premium software is comparable to the more expensive traditional disc or download version of Office called Microsoft Office Professional which also has all the software included with Office 365 – but at a much higher price – it costs $399 for the Professional version of Office that you can pick up at Staples or Best Buy. And for $399 you could pay for a 4 year cloud subscription to Office 365 Home Premium and have that software on all the computers you own* and always have the latest version of the Microsoft Office Suite at your finger tips. So if you’re thinking of upgrading your version of Office you might want to consider the new cloud version called Office 365!

Here’s a link to a PC World article on the subject titled Why Office 365 is a Better Deal Than Office 2013:


New Dyson Wash & Dry Faucets: I came across a cool article today on the tech section of the BBC website. The article discuses how the British Dyson company has just come out with a new faucet called the Air Blade Tap that will allow you to run hot and cold water and to access a built in dryer built right into the tap. So you’ll be able to wash and dry your hands via these new Air Blade Taps which are currently being sold in the U.K. for the rather steep price of 1,000 British pounds which works out to about $1, 566 American Dollars. The Taps will go on sale in the United States sometime later this year. And although the price has to come down quite a bit before I’ll be installing one of these units in my house – I love the idea of it! Imagine never having to use hand towels again – just being able to wash your hands and blow them dry with cool air by standing in front of your sink!

Here’s the link to the BBC article on those cool new Taps otherwise known as faucets:


Have a great day!

Linda R.

*Assuming you own 5 computers or less …


Bradley, Tony. (2013, January 31). Why Office 365 is a better deal than Office 2013. PC World. Online.

(2013, February 4) Dyson launches all-in-one hand-drying Airblade water tap. BBC News: Technology: Online. 

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