Tactus Tablet With Pop Up Tactile Screen: One of the coolest devices to be shown off at the 2013 Consumer Electronics show last week was a new tablet by the company Tactus. This new table features a tactile screen that rises from the flat surface of the tablet and allows tablet users to actually have a physical keyboard to type upon. The rising keyboard completely disappears once the tablet user finishes typing leaving the surface of the tablet smooth once more. This is really cool technology! Here’s the link to a TechCrunch article with a colorful title (Hands-On: Tactus Technology Gives Flat Touchscreens The Middle Finger With Pop-Up Buttons) that offers more in-depth information and a demonstration via video clip:


The Future Of Tech Innovation: I came across another neat article this morning that appeals to both the tech fan and history major in me and I thought I’d share! The article’s full title is Has the ideas machine broken down? The idea that innovation and new technology have stopped driving growth is getting increasing attention. But it is not well founded and the unnamed Economist author discusses how technological advancement flows in small steps interspersed with giant leaps and, correspondingly, how this tech evolutionary pattern has been seen before. The basic gist of the article is that despite what some people in the scientific and tech communities are saying tech innovation isn’t dead it is simply going through one of those small step advancement periods before the next giant leaps occur.

Here’s the link to the article:


Have a great day!

Linda R.


Burns, Matt. (2012, January 13). Hands-On: Tactus Technology Gives Flat Touchscreens The Middle Finger With Pop-Up Buttons. TechCrunch. Online.

Has the idea machine broken down? (2012, January 12). The Economist. Online.


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