Glow In The Dark Smart Highways: We’ve all heard of smart phones and smart TVs but I must admit I’ve never considered the idea of “smart highways” before now!

However, they are coming!

And what a cool idea! Imagine roads that help us stay safe because they are smart. In the Netherlands and other parts of the world the high tech evolution of roads is unfolding – and they are indeed going to become smart! 

And you might well be wondering “How on Earth are roads and highways going to become smart?” And the answer to that is a multi-faceted one! The roads and highways are being made smart by the utilization of smart glow in the dark paint (picture the lines on all roads glowing the dark so they can be very easily seen), Dynamic Paint (this paint will change color by temperature so if it is cold enough to freeze you might see snowflake symbols appear on the road, roads that have built in anti-icing features (so the roads simply won’t freeze) and roads that have lights that automatically turn on and off by sensing the presence of cars on the road. I’ve noticed several articles online in the last two weeks that have offered information on the number of ways highways and roads will become smart in the near future. The most detailed one I’ve found is on the Atlantic website and is titled 9 Technologies for Building the ‘Road of the Future’ – here’s the link:

CES 2013: CES stands for the Consumer Electronics Show. And this annual event has tech companies showing off their high tech wares and upcoming products so it is always interesting to check out the articles and news stories about the show which kicks off on January 8. This years’ show is expected to highlight the evolution of television, the interconnectivity of gadgets, appliances and other items (imagine a refrigerator that notes when the milk has gone sour and sends a message to your smart phone…), smart cars and an increasing number of inexpensive tablets with more bells, whistles and bang for your bucks! Here’s the link to a CNN article on the subject tilted Six gadget trends to look for at CES:


Kelly, Heather. (2013. January 4). Six gadget trends to look for at CES. CNN. Online.

Metcalfe, John. (2012. December 20). 9 Technologies for Building the ‘Road of the Future’. The Atlantic. Online.



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