Microsoft Surface Tablet For Sale @ Best Buy & Staples: The Microsoft Surface tablet will be available for purchase at Staples and Best Buy this week according to a ZDNet report. It is a good idea for Microsoft to sell the tablet through major retailers, other than the Microsoft Stores, because of course, there are many more Best Buy & Staples stores across the United States than Microsoft stores; and many people looking to purchase tech items do like to have the chance to check those tech times out in stores before they purchase them!

Here’s the link to the ZDNet article:

E-Book Sharing: Ownshelf is a new and free web service that launched in beta last Friday. This new service offers users cloud storage and the ability to easily share e-books with family and friends. The Mashable site offers an article on the subject that discusses the ease of using the service and the ways you can social network and share e-books via the service through Facebook. Rick Marazzani, the creator of the service says he is filling a need in people’s high tech reading lives. Specifically he says of e-books: “We don’t see what people read anymore because it’s not piled up on their coffee table, or on their bookshelf or their night stand,”” and “”Our goal is to replace that with something virtual, where you can get recommendations and say ‘Hey, try it, read it.'””

And of course no doubt the big publishing companies will object to this latest attempt at essentially an ownership of an e-book item – that is offering e-book fans the unrestricted ability to easily share e-books with friends and family members. The big publishing and e-book vendors have shown through their business model that they believe in licensing e-books to consumers instead of selling them those same e-books. And the difference seems to be just in the format as if you buy a print book you own it! And not surprisingly, being a librarian I happen to believe that you should actually be able to own the e-books you purchase, read them on any and all tech devices you own and lend them to whomever you wish just like you would with a paper book. And having gotten up on the consumer e-book rights (or lack thereof) soapbox – I’ll now get off it! Here’s the link to the Mashable article:

Redbox Verizon Streaming Video Service: Netflix will shortly have a new competitor! The new Redbox streaming service (co-hosted by Verizon) will debut in beta form this month with a wide launch of the service planned for early next year. So who knows 2013 may be the year that the video streaming flood gates burst open.

Here’s a link to a an All Things D article, titled The Redbox Verizon movie service is almost ready to take on Netflix  which offers more information on the subject:

Apple TV Again! The Wall Street Journal All Things D blog has reported that words has come from electronics manufacturers in China that Apple is indeed testing a television set. Speculation is that this new set, if it actually comes to market, may transform the way people watch television. Of course, until Apple actually announces that it is going to sell a television set we all have to take the rumors with a pinch of salt just because Apple is testing a TV design does not mean it will actually be a product that gets made and sold. But still…Tim Cook did mention that the television was an area of interest to Apple now in the recent interview he gave to NBC’s Brian Williams. So it is something tech to ponder!

Here’s a link to the Wall Street Journal All Things D article on the subject titled Apple Tests Designs for TV:

Have a great day!

Linda R.


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