Ten Million People Uploaded Their Photos to Instagram on Thanksgiving Day: Another sign of how technology usage, in this case social media usage, is transforming our society can be found in the fact that ten million people uploaded their photos to Instagram on Thanksgiving Day.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, Instagram is a photo sharing app available for both Apple and Android devices that allows one to easily take a photo via his or her cell phone or tablet, put a customized frame around the photo, put a caption to the photo and then quickly put it out on the Internet for family and friends to see.

Ten million of course isn’t a small number and that ten million people used on photo sharing app to upload photos on the same day is notable as a sign of the changing times. However, if we consider ten million a huge number consider the related fact that on an average day three hundred million photos are uploaded to Facebook! Three hundred million – wow – that is an even more colossal number! That is approximately how many people we have in the United States! And of course, I came across an interesting article that relayed these facts – it is from PC World and is titled Instagram Users Set Thanksgiving Photo Upload Record. Here’s the link:


HarperCollins To Publish Digital Only Teen E-Books: Publisher HarperCollins will be debuting a teen only series of digital only books – e-books – the first Tuesday of every month starting on December 4. Each month Harper Collins will issue these new works under their Harper Teen Impulse Titles banner and the works will be shorter ones – shorter than novel length that is – the e-books will be novellas or short stories and will range in price from $0.99 to $2.99.

The tech site PaidContent has an article on this subject if you’d like to peruse it! It is titled Harper Collins launches digital only teen imprint and can be found via the following link:


Have a great day!

Linda R.

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