New iBooks App: Along with several new hardware products introduced yesterday, Apple also introduced a new version of its e-book app  iBooks. The new iBooks app features allows you to, among other things, select an option to scroll down the page continually (as you would on a computer screen) and easily share text passage with others.

The app has some improvements and is certainly worth checking out; although I’ll admit, iPad fan that I am, that I purchase most of my e-books from Amazon to read on the iPad Kindle app.

Here’s a link to a Gigaom review of the new iBooks app:

And another link to a CNET video review of the updated iBooks app:

New And Cool Webcam for HDTVs: A recent New York Times article, titled No Need to Crowd In. We Can All Talk to Mom, discusses the new, clear and relatively inexpensive webcams that plug into the HDMI inputs on televisions and allow you to make wide angle video calls, via HD Skype software.

What this means is that the HD camera picks up a good portion of the room of the caller so several people can sit on a couch and not be squeezed together in front of a computer screen – and still be able to all talk to the person they are calling at once. It is pretty cool technology! And the Logitech HD Webcam discussed in the article – the Logitech Cam HD –only costs $199 so it is within reasonable reach, price-wise, for those who have many family members living in locations across the globe! It might also make a really cool holiday gift…

Here’s the link to the New York Times article;

Have a great day everyone!

Linda R.


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