It is rather quiet on the new tech news front today; I think all the news about upcoming Apple products and Windows 8 has died down just a little bit, although I expect the tech rumor mill to be buzzing with word of the iPad mini and Windows 8 features again soon.

Having said that, I did find a rather cool article about of all things…an Angry Birds e-Cook Book!  The cook book is called Bad Piggies Best Egg Recipes

The new cook book is available in app form from iTunes and there will shortly be an Android app for it.

The cook book features recipes and interactive humor from everyone’s favorite green, egg-stealing pigs and costs ninety-nine cents. And it really does have egg related recipes in a number of categories – the recipes have step by step instructions, color photos of the food and some interactive sections with the pigs.

And the article that I came across that relays that information is titled Rovio announces Angry Birds book app: Live from Frankfurt Book Fair and may be accessed via the following link:

Have a great day!

Linda R.

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