Library E-Book App Now Available For Nooks: Owners of the Nook Tablet, Nook Color, Nook HD and Nook HD+ (basically Nook owners who own a Nook with a color screen) rejoice! There is now an app that will allow you to quickly and easily download free library e-books directly to your Nook without you having to first download the e-books to a computer!

Barnes and Noble & OverDrive just announced the new app. The link to the OverDrive story that announces the new app is titled OverDrive Media Console: Library eBooks Audiobooks, and can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

And if you have a Nook with a color screen you can cut to the chase and just open the web browser on your Nook and then open the following page which will allow you to download the app:

A Cool Article On Serendipity: In reading news and book reviews for my work as the Acquisitions Librarian at SSCL I came across a neat New York Times article today. The article was written by the author Mark Helprin and it illustrates, by his real life examples, how serendipitous events can occur in our lives.

The article of course has absolutely nothing to do with technology – I just thought it was cool and figured I’d share it!

Mr. Helprin kicks off the article by stating that “THE great essayist Roger Rosenblatt once generously reminded me that “good writers have good accidents.” Helprin then goes on to illustrate how those little accidents – that occur to one simply because one is in a particular place at a particular time – can and do occur in everyday life and add spice to our lives.

To give you an example, Helprin recalls that as a child he and his family lived in a grand old house on the Hudson River and that he used to walk past a certain old house in the region on a regular basis. And in walking past the house he heard someone in the house playing the piano and he notes that the piano player was quite good and that his name was…insert drum roll here for dramatic effect …the piano player was Aaron Copland!

Not all of the author’s real life examples include famous personages; however, they all relay what I might deem the extra spice of life that one gets when time, place and events conspire to bring about those delightful and fleeting moments of serendipitous wonder that are so hard to describe; but that we all experience during our lives.

So if you like serendipitous events or would just like to read an article that contains gentle humor and dashes of nostalgia you should check out this one!

The article is titled Bumping into the Characters and can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

Have a great day!

Linda R.


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