Hi everyone, I’ve got two related tech subjects to bring to your attention today! The first subject is the growing adoption of tablets like the iPad, Galaxy Tab and Google Nexus 7 and the second, and related article, is on the subject of how purchasing an iPod Touch can be a gateway to purchasing additional Apple products.

On The Growing Adoption of Tablets: According to the tech site ZDNET one in four tablet owners say that their tablet is now their primary computer. And that fact is not surprising considering that PC sales are falling and tablet sales are growing by leaps and bounds. And I think tablet adoption makes sense for many, many people. Consider that many people only need to use a computer to do light web browsing and send email and tablets are ideal for that! And a tablet is also a Wi-Fi connecting device that can be easily picked up and carried with you which of course is not something you can do with a PC!

For more information click on the following link to access the ZDNET article titled 1 in 4 tablet owners say it is now their primary computer:


iPod Touch Gateway to Apple Product Adoption: If you follow the mainstream news a part of your day as I do you couldn’t have missed the fact that Apple introduced its new iPhone – the iPhone 5 last week. And tech fan that I am I’m going to publically disclose something non-tech about myself right now. As much as I love Apple products I have never owned an iPhone and I’m not going to by buying the iPhone 5 either. And in answer to the obvious question of “Why not?” it is because of cost. Oh, not the initially cost of the phone one can obtain an iPhone for the reasonable smartphone price of $199 with a cellular contract – my objection is to the price of that aforementioned cellular contract. Now of course I work in a public library surrounded by wired phones each day and I live in a house that is just across town from the library so I don’t need a cell phone to use in my working life*

Having said all of that I do have a device that is very much like an iPhone. It has all the iPhone capabilities except the ability to make cellular phone calls. You can make internet phone calls including Skype calls with it but you have to be in range of a Wi-Fi network. And of course the device I have is an iPod Touch. Now Apple also announced a new iPod Touch (5th generation model) on the same day that it announced the iPhone 5. And the new iPod touch which has a 4” Retina Display and more storage by far than my old 8 GB iPod touch – that is a device I will be buying as soon as it is released in October!

And you might wonder what any of that has to do, specifically, with people purchasing the iPod Touch and then that being a gateway to purchasing additional Apple products…And my answer to that is that I can clearly see why buying an iPod Touch could eventually lead someone to buy more Apple products.

Purchasing an iPod Touch opens up the Internet connected world to a person in a way that a PC really doesn’t. You can use an iPod Touch anywhere you have an Internet connection which is in most restaurants (local ones include McDonalds, Bob Evans & The Central), hotels, in many grocery stores (like Wegmans) and other places of business and you can set it up to be able to access your email, take photos, play your favorite app games, read free library e-books (you don’t need Internet connectivity either once you’ve downloaded the e-book to your iPod), listen to music, listen to audio books, watch videos and do many other things that honestly you can all do on a PC today at least not in the same way… and you can put an iPod in your pocket or purse and easily take it with you!

And then there is the money factor – an iPod Touch is of course a Wi-Fi only device so there is no monthly contract involved. You purchase an iPod Touch and that is it as far as shelling out money for that specific device goes. Granted if you don’t have Wi-Fi set up at home (which is easy to do by the way if you have wired Internet access) then you need to go somewhere else to use Wi-Fi but as I mentioned most restaurants, public libraries and other places of business that people congregate (coffee houses like Starbucks or Barnes & Noble come to mind to) – as increasingly people expect to be able to access Wi-Fi wherever they go.

And then there is the price of the device itself. iPod Touch costs a reasonable price – right now you can buy the 8 GB 4th generation model from Best Buy for $179 or the 16 GB 4th generation version for $199; and the new and improved iPod Touch 5 (which has more bells and whistles) will come in six colors and two storage sizes a 32 GB version for $299 or a 64 GB model for $399 (today the Best Buy site has that 64 GB model listed as available for pre-order for $329)

And as a final thought I think many people who buy an iPod Touch and see what they can really do with it – which is a lot! – they then think “Hmmm, this is a great device but a larger screen would be nice too…and then the upgrade to an iPad which of course has a 9.7” screen. And the entry level iPad (the 2nd generation model) can be purchased for $399. And then if you’re like me and you want a larger screen still – you might just purchase an iMac as those 21.5” and 27” iMac screens are great!

And here the link to the article that inspired me to write glowingly about the iPod Touch – it too is from the ZDNET site and is called The iPod Touch is a Gateway Drug:


Have a great day everyone!

Linda R.

* I do in fact have a very simple smartphone – it is a Tracfone Samsung LG 800 – a touch screen smartphone. A very basic smart phone to be sure but it only costs me $20 four times a year to have it and it works for me for the few times a year I use it!

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