Getting back to our topic of Wednesday – the answer to the question: “What on Earth is the STLS Digital Catalog anyway?” I’m going to pick up the topic and discuss the e-video and e-music titles you can access through the Digital Catalog. And I’ll start rolling simply by repeating that two of the items patrons can access through the STLS Digital Catalog are videos and music. Both formats can be downloaded and played on a PC and on a number of portable devices.

Regarding On Demand Library E-Videos Consider These Scenarios: It is snow day, or a holiday vacation week, and your four kids and their two friends are off from school and hanging around the house with all the time in the world and nothing to do – or at least that is what they say! The weather outside is, as the expression goes frightful, and they’ve done all the sledding they care to do for the day, played all the games they have on hand and they aren’t interested in watching any DVDs in the house but it is two o’clock in the afternoon and a thus a long, long time before dinner time.

So what do you do? You might suggest they download a new, and free, library e-book from the Digital Catalog to their e-readers or if that doesn’t quite fill the bill for everyone – you might suggest they watch one of the e-videos they can download through the catalog. They can even download different videos to different PCs so they don’t all have to watch the same thing!

Now you might suggest that the two guitar fans in the bunch pick up that old acoustic guitar you have on hand check out the Absolute Beginners: Guitar video – they can play and replay all the step-by-step guitar tricks relayed in the video and have a good time while they’re learning more about how to play that poor neglected guitar.

Or you might suggest your young science buff check out the Astronomy I & II titles, The Amazing Human Body video or the Animals and Insects videos – those videos should hold her attention for a couple of hours.

And your littlest guy at 5 might really like the Big Wheels Rollin’ video which features monster trucks, the video All About Airplanes  or the Busytown video The Biggest Storm Ever which would go along well with the frightful weather!

And your history fan might like the documentary 14 Women – which chronicles the lives of 14 U.S. Senators or the Ancient Civilizations video which tells the story of Ancient Athens and Ancient Greece.

And after you eventually put the kids to bed that night you might want to check out one of the Yoga or fitness videos for relaxation and refreshment! Hmm, perhaps I should check out Super Fat Burning video again…

Regarding On Demand Library E-Music Consider These Scenarios: You’re on a business trip. It has been a very long day and you still have quite a bit of work to do. So you picked up Chinese on your way back to the hotel and as you fire up your laptop you realize that your smartphone battery is dead so you have no tunes to listen to while you’re working.

So what do you do? You could forgo the music but that is no fun! Instead, you might go to the STLS Digital Catalog and download one of the music titles in the catalog to your laptop to sooth you while work! Cocktail Jazz by the Network Music Ensemble is a good one or perhaps After You’ve Gone by Lenny Soloman or American Road by the Tierney Sutton Band – which every title you pick – you’ll be listening to soothing jazz in seconds and you won’t have to pay a dime to do so!

You’ve got your 3-year-old granddaughter with you for the weekend. And she’s a bit bored with her toys and you’re trying to get her interested in the easy reader books you have on hand but she has heard all those stories before…

So what do you do? You might go to the STLS Digital Catalog and check out, and download to your PC, 120 Sing Along Songs for kids or 50 Nursery Rhyme Songs – both are cool kids music albums that you could both enjoy while testing out your singing abilities!

It is a crisp fall evening and you’re hosting a barbeque at your cottage at the lake. You’re serving the excellent barbequed food, wine and other delicious items cafeteria style and every one is going to congregate near a huge bon fire when one of your guests requests you play some blues to go along with the food and good company. And you’ve got music on hand – party CDs, classic rock and a few classical favorites but the blues CDs you own – those you left at home.

So what do you do? You could forgo the blues music but that wouldn’t be any fun! Instead, you might go to the STLS Digital Catalog and download that Charlie Musselwhite album Ace of Harps or the one by Saffire – you know the Uppity Blues Woman – it is called Ain’t Gonna Hush or you could check out All The Way Crazy by Little Charlie & the Nightcats as if ever there was a blues party album, well that one certainly qualifies! Then you can pipe the music from your computer though your sound system and your patio speakers and  wa lah! Blues on tap for all the blues fans at your party!

It is Sunday morning and you’re hosting a family breakfast when your aunt asks you if you have any classical music you might play while the family is eating. Now not being a classical music fan you don’t have any classical music CDs.

So what do you do? Well, you could get our your iPad and buy some classical music from iTunes or you might go to the STLS Digital Catalog and check out the album Abide With Me And Other Favourite Hymns – that album is free and your aunt loves hymns so you’d be all set.

And in closing on the subject of the STLS Digital Catalog, for the moment anyway!  I hope I’ve managed to insert some humor into my examples!

My main point of course is that: library patrons CAN DOWNLOAD FREE E-BOOKS, VIDEOS, MUSIC AND AUDIOBOOKS from the STLS Digital Catalog. And if I can show my vintage for a moment – I think that is way cool!

Have a great day!

Linda R.

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