Tech ABC Flash Cards: Emma Cook who hails from South Africa has created some neat ABC tech orientated flash cards. The flash cards would be useful for any adult working on learning English as a second language but have a fun added spin to them in that the card subjects all have to do with technology!  For example, instead of the traditional “A, is for apple” the A flash card from the set features “A is for Apple” and shows a photo of an iMac!

So if you like technology and/or are an adult English language learner you’ll have fun checking out the flash card examples which can be found at the following link:

Using A Password That Isn’t One: If you’re at all like me sometimes you get annoyed at how many alpha numeric passwords you have to keep track, and frequently update, in order to safeguard access to your online accounts; it always seems to me that as soon as I remember all my passwords it is time to change some of them again!  

And good grief, if I’m trying to log into an account early in the morning (and for me early is before 10 AM), and have recently changed my password to that account but haven’t yet had a full cup of coffee…well, that is not good!

Thankfully, changes in how people can securely log into their online accounts are afoot. Intel is one of the companies working on ways to allow people to access their online accounts without having to remember all those passwords. In Intel’s case they are working on palm scanning technology that will allow users to verify their identities and log into their online accounts by simply waving their palms in front of a sensor built into a tablet or computer. So in the near future we may simply wave at our computers, smart phones and tablets to log into our online accounts – and that is something I am looking forward to because trying to remember all those passwords can be trying!

The Intel article is titled With the wave of a hand, Intel wants to do away with passwords and can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

Linda R.

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