The introduction of the iPhone 5 is obviously the biggest tech story of the week so here is just a bit more info on the subject. The iPhone 5 become available for pre-sale on Friday at 12 AM west coast time and the allotment of phones available sold out in the first hour* so people are certainly interested in Apple’s new iPhone! With that interest in mind, the first article is from the New York Times bits blog, is titled Answers to Your Questions About Apple’s iPhone 5, and focuses on answering iPhone set up questions as compared to simply highlighting the features of the phone. So if you’re interested in buying an iPhone 5 and aren’t sure which carrier to go with you may want to check it out.

Here’s the link:

And likewise, here’s a link to a PC World article titled Which iPhone 5 Carrier Should You Choose? That discusses the pros and cons of each iPhone carrier:

And as much as I love Apple products I know some people are rather anti-Apple and prefer to buy cell phones from other manufactures; with that in mind, here’s a link to an Information Week article titled 5 Alternatives to the Apple iPhone which offers a few solid suggestions as to which non-Apple phones would be good ones to buy. Here’s the link:

And along those same lines here’s a link to a September 4 CNET site review page for the top smart phones, granted one is the iPhone but the other four are not!

Have a great Saturday!

Linda R.


*According to multiple sources including the following Washington Post article

Apple’s iPhone 5 pre-orders sold out; plus a look at the phone’s pros and cons

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