Apologies: Hi everyone, I apologize for getting the dates wrong in my earlier posting of today! The Apple Press Event to introduce the iPhone 5 is actually tomorrow – Wednesday, September 12. For some reason I was thinking it was Wednesday but of course it is not. It is still Tuesday.

So we won’t know anything official about the iPhone 5, new iPods or any other Apple items until tomorrow. That being said here a links to a few interesting tech articles to tide us all over.

iPad Mini: The first article is from CNET, it is titled iPad Mini What We Expect, and discusses the widely rumored introduction of a smaller iPad that may be introduced tomorrow but is more likely to see the light of day at a later press event so as not to steal any thunder from the iPhone 5 release.

Here’s the link:


Five Things To Do With An Old Kindle Fire: The second link is to a CNET Top 5 video where host Donald Bell offers us ten things we can do with our old Kindle Fires – if we are updating to a new model in lieu of last Amazon unveiling new Kindle Fire models last week:

Here’s the link:


New Ways To Watch TV: And a final article is from USA Today, is titled Traditional TV services continue steady decline, and discusses how more people are watching television shows and movies in non-traditional (i.e. not via TV cable connections) via mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, laptops and media streaming devices. Here’s the link:


Have a great day!

Linda R.

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