Microsoft Has A New Logo: Microsoft has unveiled a new logo to replace the old one and it isn’t hard to see why. The old Windows flag logo has been the Start Menu symbol for Windows 7 and Windows Vista computers and could previously have been seen on the Start Menu of Windows XP PCs and since Microsoft is doing away with Start Menu for Windows 8* it does seem that the time is right for Microsoft to adopt a new logo!

Here’s a link to a Reuters article on the subject:

And a link to a colorful Microsoft Youtube video that shows off the new logo:

Amazon To Unveil New Kindles & Possible A New Video Streaming Box: Amazon has announced it will hold a press event on September 6 and the tech news mill is a-buzz with speculation that the new Kindles including a 10” Kindle Fire tablet may be unveiled at the event and possibly that Amazon may introduce a media streaming player to compete with the Roku player and Apple’s Apple TV.

And I must say the date of the press event is interesting to note as Apple has scheduled a press event for September 12 when it is expected to unveil the iPhone 5, possibly an iPad Mini and a new Apple TV device; so obviously Amazon wants to get its new products out in front of the public before Apple does! September is likely to be an interesting month for tech fans!

Here’s a link to a CNET article on the subject titled Amazon set to introduce new Kindles at September 6 event:

Linda R.

*Windows 8 is coming to a store near you on October 26, 2012.

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