Songza: A Great Playlist App: NPR offers a neat review today of the music app Songza. The Songza app, which is available from the Apple and Android app stores and also for the Kindle Fire, is a free app that allows you to select music playlists to listen to instead of having to create those playlists yourself. For example, NPR states that playlists you can access through the app include ones titled “About To Head On Your Commute,” “Home From Work,” “Midday Dance Party,” and “Studying.” And once you select an app category you can chose a variety of music from different eras so if you prefer classic pop from the sixties as compared to current pop hits you’ll be able to pick an app subcategory to fit your musical preferences.

I downloaded the app to my iPad and created a free account this afternoon and in logging in I see six categories: “An Energy Boost,” “Brand New Music,” “Summertime,” “Work or Study (With Lyrics),” “Exploring Obscure Sounds,” and “Office Crowd Pleasers.” Further exploration of that app shows that you can chose playlists in additionally categories including “Activities,” “Moods,” “Decades,” “Culture,” and “Genres.” I selected Decades and saw they have playlists listed for every decade from the nineteen thirties through today. So I’d say if you like Pandora and/or Satellite Radio you ought to check out Songza!

The NPR article, and short accompanying podcast, is titled: For Playlist Junkies an App to Send You Down the Rabbit Hole – here’s the link:

Linda R. 

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