The Future of Shopping: Technological change is happing so quickly today that it is literally transforming the way we live in ways both large and small. And so much technological change is happening so quickly that we sometimes lose track of how recently things have changed! For example, consider the fact that the iPhone, which one sees in the hands of many, many people seemingly on every street corner, subway station and in almost every store and restaurant didn’t even exist six years ago. Nor, correspondingly, did the mainstream persons’ expectation of being able to instantly connect to the Internet, watch videos, listen to music, type text message, play games, read e-books or simply check email instantly and at any time from just about anywhere in the world via a touch screen device. And yet today most of us do expect to be able to do just that; have the ability to access the Internet, communicate with almost anyone almost anywhere in the world and access a great variety of media items at any time we wish by using a smart phone or tablet.

And just as the way we communicate with others and access information has been transformed by technological progress so too will our shopping experience be transformed in the near future. Sometime in the next ten to fifteen years we will do most of our shopping online. Brick and mortar stores will still exist but only as places to go and check out products before ordering them online and having them quickly delivered to our homes and offices. Additionally, computer technology will advance to a point that we’ll be able to virtually try on sunglasses, clothes, make-up and other accessories and really be able to see how we’ll look wearing those items via an accurate, computer generated three dimensional image of our selves. And 3 D printers will eventually allow us to easily produce new clothes, household textiles and other items at home at the touch of a button. So in ten to fifteen years’ time we may be explaining to our children or grandchildren what it was like to actually have to go to a store and spend hours looking through racks and racks of clothes and then trying them on to find a new pair of pants that actually fit!

USA Today has a cool article on this subject, titled Why shopping will never be the same, and it can be accessed via the following link:

A New Angry Bird: Rovio the makers of the hugely popular game Angry Birds are adding a new bird to their Angry Birds Seasons game. The new bird, aptly named Pink Bird, is pink with blue eyes and is able to produce deadly bubbles with which to combat those sheepishly laughing green pigs.

Information Week offers more in-depth information at the following link:

Have a great weekend everyone!

Linda R.

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