David Pogue’s Lost iPhone: For those of you who may not be familiar with the name David Pogue is the preeminent Tech reporter for the New York Times. And earlier this week Pogue while Pogue was on a trip to Philadelphia to film content for the PBS Nova series someone stole his iPhone. Being the creative and crafty sort Pogue posted a video chronicling his dilemma on Twitter and people responded in droves! It took three days to track down the phone but with the assistance of the Find My iPhone app, Twitter fans, who posted videos of the house where the iPhone signal was coming from and the assistance of local police the phone was eventually recovered.

And not surprisingly the New York Times, via David Pogue’s column, relays the entire adventure which is both a vastly amusing tale and also offers an interesting insight as to how technology really is a tool we can use in our daily lives! Here’s the link:


BBC On The Future Of TV: And the BBC has created a really neat 44 page slideshow titled The Future of Television that offers an in-depth look at how the way people view video content is changing, from sitting in front of a TV in the home and watching cable TV to streaming video to TVs, smart phones and tablets. The article also offers some really interesting insight into how the changing way we view video content will change even further in the near future – basically by allowing consumers to view a wider array of video content when and were they want on demand.

Here’s the link to the slide show:


Linda R.

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