Mountain Lion Roars: Sorry for the title folks but I’ll admit it; I couldn’t resist! Apple released its latest OS upgrade today and it is, of course, called Mountain Lion! The new OS, which can be purchased from the Mac App Store for $19.99, has some neat features including a new Notifications Center, the integrated option for dictation instead of typing and the ability to mirror content from a Mac to a TV via an Apple TV box.

The New York Times Bits Blog has a nice summary of the new features in an article titled Critics Consensus Apples Mountain Lion is Worth the Upgrade – here’s the link:

The New York Times Pulls Its BlackBerry App: And for New York Times fans who are also BlackBerry owners it is a black day (minor humor intended) as the Times has discontinued its BlackBerry app. RIM (aka Research in Motion) the company that makes BlackBerries* has been going through a difficult time and in essence is having trouble keeping up with the tech race and has not upgraded software in more than a year nor found a way to make many more apps available on its devices – so profits are way, way down. And the decreasing profits, of course, also translate into decreasing sales; which may be why the Times decided to stop supporting its BlackBerry app. Reuters has an article on the subject simply titled: New York Times drops BlackBerry app – here’s the link:

Linda R.

*BlackBerries (aka BlackBerry for singular devices) are gadgets! They include smart phones and a tablet all made by the RIM (Research in Motion Company) and they are not edible in the least!


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