I already posted a light posting today on Algonquin e-books but I just came across a really cool article in Bits, the New York Times Tech blog! The article, titled Disruptions: Next Step for Technology Is Becoming the Background, discusses some of the evolutionary milestones of technology and their impact on western civilization. The author, Nick Bilton, discusses how technology is a huge deal when new ground breaking technological products are first introduced, but then that the technology becomes a seamless part of life, becoming woven into the tapestry of people’s daily lives, and isn’t noticed. He uses the analogy of the introduction of the printing press with moveable type in the 15th century and, correspondingly, the evolution of cheap paper that made it possible for light printed books, which could be easily carried around by the average person, to be cheaply made. And this in turn, had a huge impact on the population of Europe as the level of literacy rose and ideas put into print could be easily communicated to more people than ever before. And at first the new technology, in the form of access to cheap printed books, was a novelty but eventually it simply became the norm.

And then the author then goes on to discuss the new Internet connecting Google glasses and how that type of technology will transform our society and eventually become a seamless part of our daily lives. If you’re not familiar with the Google eyeglasses, usually referred to simply as Google glasses (no prescription required!), they connect to the Internet and allow you the option of scanning an area for information about it, taking hand free photos, making hands free phone calls, dictating hand free emails and connecting to the Internet and vocally searching for information which will then be displayed on the glasses.

Here’s the link to the cool article:


Linda R.

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