On an upcoming tech program note, our next iPad Workshop will be held at 6 PM on Thursday, July 12th.

We always have a good time at our iPad workshops; we take a look at basic iPad functions like how to download apps from the app store, how to organize your apps, how to put your apps in folders and how to change the settings on your iPad.

Questions are welcomed as answering questions is a great way for everyone to learn – including me!

And a highlight of each workshop is the suggested app list that I go over – I open suggested apps up, project them to the big screen in our Community Room and show you how they work! The app presentation features some cool apps in categories like sports, entertainment, news and games – and every time I host this workshop someone attending always brings at least one more really great app to my attention!

Join us!

The workshop runs from 6-7ish (or whatever time we’re done).

And you can register at the library in person, by telephone 607-936-3713 or by sending me an email: REIMERL@STLS.ORG

Linda R. 

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