Hi everyone, I’m a bit swamped today and so I’m not quite finished with my posting “Library E-Books: Part IV” which will discuss how you can download free library e-books to Nooks.

Apologizes for that!

I’ll finish that posting over the weekend and get it up on Monday morning.

In the meantime for your consideration here are links to four tech articles that shed light on how technology is changing how we read and access entertainment.

1) E-Book Statistics: This first article is from the Wall Street Journal and is titled “Your E-Book Is Reading You: Digital-book publishers and retailers now know more about their readers than ever before. How that’s changing the experience of reading.” And it does indeed illustrate how publishers can learn more than ever before about what people read including what parts of the text they highlight, if they stop reading an e-book and how fast they read an e-book and purchase their next e-book.

Here’s the link:


2) Media Streaming Players: Article 2 is from CNET and is titled: “Apple TV vs. Roku vs. Nexus Q: Media streamers compared: Google’s Nexus Q is the newest kid on the streaming block. CNET puts it head-to-head with our favorite tried-and-true stalwarts, the Apple TV and the Roku.”  Wow, what a mouthful of a title – it is certainly and in-depth one! And this article discusses the growing practice of what is known as media streaming and cord cutting – that is people who stream video content from the Internet and/or drop their cable package (cord cut) and stream TV shows and movies to that big HDTV in their living through set-top boxes like the Apple TV, Roku player and the new Google Nexus Q.

This is favorite topic of mine because I am among those have done that cord cutting thing! I stream most the television shows and movies I watch from either my Roku player or my Apple TV to my 42” HDTV and don’t subscribe to a cable package. Occasionally I watch Blu-ray discs too but that is another discussion for another time! And although I don’t cable with my local cable company I obviously do have high speed Internet! And I’ll be talking more about set top boxes, also known as streaming media players, in July. In the meantime here’s the link to that CNET article which offers a solid introduction to the subject:


3) Happy Birthday to the iPhone: And believe it or not the iPhone turned 5 today! Unbelievably so as it seems you now see smart phones wherever you go! And that is what one would call a super fast adoption of a product! And today’s New York Times Bits blog features an article that discusses how the mainstream acceptance the iPhone changed our world by issuing in the smart phone era.

Here’s the link:


4) Why Windows is Killing the Start Menu for Windows 8: In the upcoming Windows software upgrade to Windows 8 – there is no long a Start Menu. That staple of the PC era is in the twilight of its time in the spot light. And PC Pro features an article that discusses why – essentially Windows did some research and discovered that people by far prefer to pin their favorite programs to the task bar or the desk top of their PCs where they can quickly access them, than to have them be on the Start Menu where they have to hunt to find them.

And here’s the link to the article titled “Why Microsoft Killed the Windows Start Button:


Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Linda R.

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