How Amazon is Influencing Digital Content Creations: We are now in an era where it is becoming relatively easy to create digital content. Individuals can use their phones or hand held video recording devices to quickly film events and then post those video clips to their YouTube or Facebook pages within seconds of recording events. And it is also easy today for anyone who likes to write to use word processing software to type up a story and then use one of the digital publishing platforms, that can be accessed via online publishers who offer self publishing service; to quickly upload their writing to an online vendor’s site thus getting their work out there for the world to see (and people to buy). 

With all of that in mind one has to take a step back and remember that traditionally big media and publishing companies have been the ones responsible for creating and offering movies and books to vendors. And now some online vendors, namely Amazon, Netflix and Hulu are creating great waves in the digital content creation/publishing business by both offering writers a means to easily and inexpensively digital publish their works as e-books and by producing video content. Amazon is the largest online vendor currently offering customers the option to self-publish their writing as e-books and as the creator of new video content.  

CNET has an in-depth article on this subject titled How Amazon is changing the rules for books and movies and here’s the link:;topStorie

And if you’re interested in knowing more about self-publishing here’s a link to Amazon’s Self-Publishing page:

Larger iPod in the Works: The tech rumor mill is abuzz with word that both the next iPhone and iPod touch will have larger screens. It seems that large screen parts attributed to production of upcoming Apple products, namely the next iPhone and assumedly the iPod Touch, have been seen by tech news reporters.  There are several sources for this report and CNET offers an article titled Taller iPod Touch Screen Parts Already Spotted in the Wild that offers more details on the subject.

Here’s the link:;editorPicks

Linda R. 

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