Wireless Bluetooth Speakers You Can Take Anywhere: If you are a big music fan and you’ve ever thrown a backyard barbeque and tried to play music through a portable music device so it can be heard by everyone at the barbeque; while still allowing you to hear people you are talking to (a challenge and a half!), then a new group of reasonable priced wireless Bluetooth speaker sets may be music to your ears. You can take these light brick sized speakers almost anywhere and wirelessly play music through them via a laptop, smart phone or iPod. New York Times tech guru David Pogue praises two of these new, reasonable priced Bluetooth speakers, the Soundlink Wireless Mobile Speaker from Bose and the Big Jambox, in a New York Times article titled Taking Beats Anywhere, by Bluetooth.

Here’s the link:


DOJ Denies Apple/Publishers Move To Dismiss E-Book Anti-Trust Suit: This week the Department of Justice denied a request by Apple and publishers Penguin and Macmillan to dismiss the previously filed DOJ anti-trust law suit alleging that five of the six largest publishers in the U.S.* and Apple colluded to raise e-book prices. US District Judge Denise Cote denied the request in strong and no uncertain terms and the site PaidContent provides both a short article, titled Judge comes down hard on publishers, Apple in e-book case,  illustrating the basics of the anti-trust suit, and, access to Judge Cote’s 56 page court ruling document that illustrates why she refused to dismiss the suit. The document is long; however, for anyone interested in all the whys and where-for-ofs of this situation the first 10-15 pages offer an in-depth and reasonably easy to read illumination on the subject!

Here the link:


Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Linda R.

* The five publishers named in the suit are Penguin, Macmillan, Hatchette, HarperCollins & Simon & Schuster. And notably, three of those publishers, Hatchette, HarperCollins & Simon & Schuster have already settled the matter with the DOJ and thus will not be named in subsequent legal proceedings.

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